Khloe Kardashian Thinks Divorce Could Make Lamar Odom Go Off the Deep End

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khloe kardashianWhether divorce papers are actually signed and just waiting in the wings to be filed or not, Khloe Kardashian is obviously struggling BIG TIME with a possible, impending split from troubled husband Lamar Odom. The latest from TMZ: Khloe may be holding off on actually going through with a divorce because she fears it could be the last straw that puts Lamar over the edge.

Sources connected to the couple say Khloe thinks divorce is "inevitable," but she's afraid if she files, Lamar will overdose and die or die as a result of suicide. Eeesh.

As horrifying as it sounds, there really could be some truth to this, considering all the vague social media messages Khloe's been posting that hint at her being stuck between a rock and a hard place ... But I still can't get behind the idea that she should just "put her life on hold," as TMZ's sources say she has done in the meantime.

No one should be forced into a holding pattern when a divorce is bound to be the upshot no matter what. You can't stay married to someone because you're afraid of what will happen if you walk. There has to be another way that is equally protective of the struggling spouse and the one who wants to call it quits.

In Khloe's case, I feel like all she can really do is make sure there's a support system around Lamar when she does actually "pull the trigger." I wouldn't be surprised if she's spending some QT consulting with lawyers and other experts about how to do that as we speak. Let's hope she is because it seems like this mess is going to reach a breaking point soon -- whether Khloe's the one initiating it or not.

Do you think it's too risky for Khloe to file for divorce -- or she can't be too afraid to go for it?


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nonmember avatar sandy

From everything we have seen and heard from Khloe in the past, it seems that she sees things from multiple perspectives, and then weighs all possibilities seriously before she acts. (Ironically, her marriage to Lamar is one of the exceptions.) So, I imagine that while she is worried about the consequences for Lamar, she will decide that her own health and strength and life require her to file for divorce. (I, like many folks, am terribly sad that this may be the route for K and L...) She can file, which makes her intentions clear, AND stay in enough contact with Lamar to ease the transition. If he chooses a sad, final way out of his suffering, she must believe that his choice is his choice: Ultimately, we each have our own paths and our own roles in this lifetime.

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