Kate Gosselin & 6 Other Celeb Moms We Can't Wait to Read Tell-All Books About

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kate plus 8Ever since Mommie Dearest outed Joan Crawford's wire hanger fetish (among other eccentricities, to put it kindly), celeb mommy memoirs -- the ones about moms, not by moms -- have almost certainly been regarded with a certain degree of terror by famous mothers. I mean, let's be honest here: We all have our bad days as parents, don't we? What mom in her right mind would want those less-than-flattering moments committed to the page for all eternity? 

So I give Kate Gosselin a lot of credit for saying she'd be "really fine" with her kids writing a tell-all book someday: "I know everything they would write, you know? If they want to open their lives up someday, I wouldn’t count it out. If they wanted to say it, I say go for it."

To me, that means Gosselin mustn't have much to hide (although, to be fair, is anybody even left with anything to hide after starring on a reality show?). That's one of the things I've always admired about Goesslin: She's always, unapologetically, herself. You don't like it? Too bad!

Anyway, I'd definitely read a book about Kate written by any and all of the Gosselin kids. But she's far from the only star I'm secretly hoping gets the celeb mommy memoir treatment from her kids someday. Here are a few more fantasy titles on the bookshelf of my dreams:

1. A Load of GOOP by Apple Paltrow-Martin

2. The Beautiful People by Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

3. Drivin' on My Mama's Lap by Sean Preston Spears

4. Million-Dollar Onesies by Blue Ivy Carter

5. Teaching Mom About Tuna by Maxwell Drew Simpson Johnson

6. One Direction by North West

Who would you like to see get the celeb mommy memoir treatment someday? 


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ncchicky ncchicky

The one direction one is awesome 

nonmember avatar EDY

With extreme narcissistic parents like Kate Gosselin, children tend to be way too afraid to be critical of the parent for fear of being completely ostracized. And even in the case of a tyrannical, emotionally abusive mother, most children don't want to be cut off. Kate has already shown a long history of cutting off people who have displeased her, even if all that person did was express concern. The other children would likely have to show complete loyalty to Kate Gosselin and not have a relationship with the sibling who wrote the tell all or have a relationship behind Kate's back. Either this or they will also be cut off. This is how narcissism works. Just listen or read how many times Kate Gosselin refers to how much she suffered and difficulty she endured to have higher order multiples. You will never hear her take responsibility for going against doctor's orders and having sex while her ovaries were hyperstiimulated by drugs - something she and Jon admitted in an early interview back when she thought the whole world loved her and her family.

nonmember avatar Eagle

I beg to differ. This creepy woman is NEVER herself in the media. There is a tell all book about Kate.. And she is not really fine about it. Because it exposes her for the vile abusive liar that she is. The woman had those sextuplets on purpose!!

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