Prince Harry Will Be a Royal Father Sooner Rather Than Later (VIDEO)

For the longest time, Prince Harry has been the misbehavin' party boy little brother of the royal brood. But now it looks like he may be ready to trade in his wild 'n' crazy reputation for ... marriage and kids! Not only are rumors about his impending engagement to girlfriend Cressida Bonas flying, but he also seems interested in following in big brother Prince William's footsteps and becoming a royal dad -- sooner rather than later!

Check out the video below for proof that Harry's gearing up for fatherhood ...

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How cute is he?! Do you think Prince Harry is ready to settle down?

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Karim Sadrudin Juma

I would be most Happy to see the First Step of His Royal Highness Prince Harry to Propose.  Having Children and a Family life is responsibilty and if the first step is completed all Flows into shape.  So make Your Move Your Royal Highness Prince Harry so the World wants you Stable and Happy.

Juanita Sullivan

Oh come on! How does anyone know this? Just because he's making goo goo eyes at babies? Leave the guy alone and let him do his thing in his time. I would love to see him settle down and all, but I think both boys know the hard lesson if they did it before they were ready. They learned that from their parents marriage. But they also saw how true love does move forward into a good thing. Their father and Camilla's love endured a lot. So there is a lot to be learned from both marriages.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

He's 29, it's hardly surprising that he would be considering settling down.

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