'Glee' Cast Members Diss Dianna Agron When It Hurts the Most

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diana agronIt was kind of heartwarming when Glee fans first heard that some former McKinley High graduates would be reuniting for the Cory Monteith tribute episode. I mean, how could they not, right? Considering Cory was such a staple on the hit Fox show, it just feels natural that some of his character Finn's best friends would get back together to remember their fallen classmate. It was a little alarming, however, when news spread that Dianna Agron and Heather Morris would not be in the episode.

At first rumor was that Dianna was busy working on another project and that's why she couldn't make it to filming in Los Angeles. But now, Wetpaint is reporting that Glee's Quinn wasn't asked back for the tribute. And you'll never guess the reason why ...

According to Wetpaint, both Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele "intensely dislike Dianna and have both worked to marginalize her as much as possible." Not only that, but allegedly neither the show's creator nor its lead star ever saw Dianna as a team player. The reason they didn't invite her back? They didn't want her to "share the glory for this very special episode."

Whoa. That's harsh. I don't know, guys. Something tells me that this may all be a bit of he said/she said gossip. It's been very clear how supportive the entire Glee family has been to one another since Cory's unfortunate passing. To leave Dianna out of something like this, it just doesn't seem to make sense ... for me anyway.

Regardless, it would have definitely made sense to throw Dianna's character Quinn into this episode considering how close of a relationship she had with Finn on the show. With that said, this whole Dianna and Lea not getting along bit would make for a good reason as to why she's not there. I just hope that outside of the petty cast problems, Dianna was able to find the support she needs to grieve the loss of her close friend.

Do you believe this is the reason Dianna wasn't asked back?


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nonmember avatar Cass

Lea and Dianna were best friends and roommates for the better part of the show's run. Something smells fishy here.

D.j. Lord

well lea is a diva so she wanted it to be bout her and not anyone else

nonmember avatar Agronsky

I believe it out of Ryan Murphy. He has made it no secret that he hates Dianna Agron. Lea Michele I'm sure had nothing to do with it

nonmember avatar Pathetic

Watching Dianna's fans attack Lea in the most vile ways when she's going through a rough time over a silly, unsubstantiated rumor from a gossip site has been really sad. What terrible, sad people. In the end, if Dianna's not in the episode she's not in the episode. She's not in the cast any more. It's not about her, it's about Cory.

nonmember avatar Amy

This isn't true at all. Lea and Dianna are really good friends. Dianna wasn't asked to come back for the episode and thats all we know. Its probably all we'll ever know. But we should focus on the main reason they're having the episode, for Cory to be remembered in a positive way. I loved Dianna on the show a lot, but this episode isn't about her.

nonmember avatar Antonio

Uh, more importantly. If it was going to just be about Lea, then why is she only making an appearance near the end of the episode? If a show is suppose to be about her seeing as this rumor is suggesting such, then she would have been all in the episode. It sucks Dianna isn't there, but this did happen during her time promoting The Family so it could have just been a scheduling conflict. Who knows? I doubt its the drama. That's just stupid.

nonmember avatar ShitFace

This is freaking lame . .lea and dianna is like bestfriend or sisters . . .maybe ryan really hates dianna . .

Anna Elizabeth Gray

I'm literally laughing my ass off at this because Lea and Dianna were roommates when the show started, and they were best friends. There is no way that Lea had anything to do with Dianna not being invited back. Ryan Murphy has made it no secret that he hates Dianna, and originally, Quinn was supposed to be killed off when she was in that car accident because of the fighting between her and the show's creator. It has to be all him.

Sierra Dean

 thats so sweet of glee to do that

Stephanie Unick

why doesn't Ryan like Dianna?

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