Robert Pattinson Should Be VERY Afraid of Kristen Stewart's New Hobby

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

So far it seems as though their split has been fairly amicable (probably since they aren't talking publicly about each other) -- but Robert Pattinson might have a good reason to crawl into a hole and hide pretty soon.

Apparently Kristen Stewart has been writing songs and playing the guitar in an effort to ease her sorrows. While she may be musically inclined, this may be really, really bad news as far as Rob is concerned.

(Oh come on, you know what I'm going to say next, right?)

Duh. This little hobby has "Kristen is the new Taylor Swift" written all over it.

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OMG. If we've learned anything from Taylor, it's that a guitar, a pen, and a scorned ex are a recipe for humiliation and regret. But given how much more worldly Kristen is than Tay, her songs might prove to be pretty entertaining.

I can already hear some of the song titles coming out of KStew's mouth now.

"I Cheated but You Really Got Screwed"

"You Knew I Was Trouble When You Walked In"

"Back to Forks, Washington"

"Loving Him Was Pasty White"

"We Are SO Getting Back Together & You Know It"

And the list goes on. Seriously -- given how long Kristen and Rob were together, I'm sure she has more than enough material running through her brain for inspiration.

Oh, man. This could potentially be Rob's worst nightmare. But I wonder if Kristen even knows how to sing? Given her speaking voice, it's kind of hard to imagine her having pipes to brag about. But then again, odds are good that she has all sorts of hidden talents we aren't privy to.

Would you be worried about Kristen's song writing if you were Rob?


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Simča Michalíková

Larger crap not I heard on earth, you can not give them up already

nonmember avatar lenaj

pattinson and his team just continually destroys the girl that he remained relevant.I am vomit from this guy!

Stephanie Ohnesorge

who cares? It is there business...if she can write and sing so be it!

Shandi80 Shandi80

Blah. Songwriters writing songs about their problems is nothing new, nor did Taylor Swift invent it...she gets way too much crap for doing what just about every songwriter does.  More power to Kristen. but just because she's singing and writing songs, doesn't mean she'll be good at it (Farrah Abraham's "#1 single", anyone. My brain goes into headache mode with just th mention of that "song") and share that music with the world. 

nonmember avatar kit

She sings very well. She did her own singing in the runaways.

Lynne Delgado

You go girl! Live lift, enjoy yourself!

nonmember avatar Sam

She CAN sing. You'll hear her sing in The Runaways and The Wild. If this is true, I'm looking forward to it. Not just because it may or may not be connected to Rob but because Kristen is a really talented girl. I'm a real fan of her before she even became over popular with Twilight.

Aitch... AitchCeeS

Love the photo with Kristen and the classic guitar.

Susan Seeman-Pultz

yes she has a singing voice or else they wouldn't have casted her for the Joan Jett movie

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