If Mackenzie Douthit's Gross Confession Doesn't Scare Josh Away, Nothing Will

mackenzie douthitLove is a glorious thing. It can move mountains, it can change lives forever. It can overcome any obstacle, no matter how challenging. True love is blind to looks, and if you're Josh McKee, it's blind to basic oral hygiene. Just ask his baby mama and new bride, Mackenzie Douthit.

The over-sharing pregnant cheerleader was more than a little eager to share her bad habits on Twitter. She had no issue loudly proclaiming that she once went two days without brushing her teeth ... and then made out with Josh. Gah!

It's pretty easy to focus on the barf-factor of that big reveal. Even the cleanest mouth is filthy by the end of the day, and no amount of chewing gum can make up for a case of stank-gullet. Who wants to tenderly tongue the beef brisket sandwich you ate yesterday? Officially no one.

But, gagging aside, it's pretty sweet that Josh is turning a blind eye (blind mouth?) to Mackenzie's foulness. It gives me hope. As a single broad, god knows I've had my moments of lackluster personal hygiene. The fact that there are guys -- and hot cowboys, at that -- willing to forgive a gal her nastiness in order to get nasty warms the cockles of my cold, disgusting heart.

Do you think this story is cute or totally gross?


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Bridget Abram

Really guys come on now that isn't all that bad. Yea it's kinda gross but barely worthy of writing an article about and really not deserving of that awful rude comment above ^

Emilee Gene'a Weeks

guys it not that bad everybody ain't perfect Mackenzie is a really good mom , it a little gross but geeze u don't have to dislike her now !!!!

nonmember avatar Makita

Mackenzie did not do this. Josh did it to Mackenzie.

nonmember avatar BugLife

That sounds like something one of my immature friends would post, just to be funny even if it were true. Why would she want to post that for the world to see? It is pretty gross, but I don't think it's any different than when you first wake up and kiss your partner. Your breath always stinks first thing in the morning, usually after I eat breakfast it hardly smells, but I still go brush my teeth.

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