Biggest 'RHOM' & 'RHONJ' Lies of the Week Exposed (VIDEO)

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When covering reality TV as someone who has been ON reality TV, very little surprises me. However, that all went out the window last night as I caught up on the New Jersey Reunion Part 1 and episode 9 of The Real Housewives of Miami. I was shocked to find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with cast members I never thought I would!! Buckle your seat-belts and grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine!).

In Miami, Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein get together for sushi, wine, and sex therapy of the armchair or, shall I say couch, variety. Romain is a bit horrified at their demonstration, but I was amused. And offered my own suggestions, which you'll see in the exclusive video.

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Once you've been on any reality show for a year or two, there are some pretty obvious pitfalls everyone should know to avoid. While you can never tell what someone else is going to say about you behind your back, you CAN and should avoid making blatant mistakes. This week, I discuss how Bridezilla Adriana de Moura failed the CYA test.

Poor Lisa couldn't catch a break between Lea Black, Marysol Patton, and Ana Quincoces, and I explain why Lisa had to do what she did, but why it was always going to come back to haunt her.

And finally, I heard you loud and clear that New Jersey is on your mind!! I watched Part 1 of the reunion just for you, and I put in my two cents about Johnny the Greek Karagiorgis, his wife Penny Drossos, and Melissa Gorga's words of wisdom. Oh yes. What, you don't believe me? WATCH!!

Who brings more drama -- the ladies of Miami or New Jersey?

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Toni Snyder

Sad that your review show just how bitter you still are!

nonmember avatar jerry ann

Good job Alex!! I find Miami a little boring..Love HWNJ with that being said I believe Penny and her other half wanted their 15 min of fame..

nonmember avatar Andrea

Alex needs to stop riding on the housewives' coattails. She is SO annoying I can't stand it. Alex, GO AWAY!

nonmember avatar Michelle Woodma

I hope your not getting paid to do your so called updates on the "HOUSEWIVES" and "FASHION"which to neither you know nothing.about!! You and you're douche bag husband were fired for a reason. Lets see i believe you two were boring and you lived beyond your means. Leave the reporting to the pro's and just disappear.

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