Another 'Glee' Star Gets Engaged With Dreamy Proposal

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Dot-Marie JonesIf there's something that the Glee cast could use right about now, it's a bit of good news. Which is exactly why I'm elated that our favorite gym coach is officially tying the knot! That's right, Coach Beiste Dot-Marie Jones is engaged to longtime girlfriend Bridgett Casteen. And are you ready for the cutest thing ever? The two were engaged near Disneyland Resort's Sleeping Beauty Castle this past Friday. Adorable: Understatement of the year.

This is the second star from the hit Fox show to get engaged in one week. First, Naya Rivera announces her engagement to rapper Big Sean. Now this? It's great to see that in light of the sadness surrounding the unfortunate death of Cory Monteith, the cast is moving on and staying positive.

There's even more awesomeness to Jones' engagement story, though. The 49-year-old actress revealed the news of her engagement during Anaheim Gay Days, which is an annual weekend event that attracts LGBT visitors to Disneyland. There, she told The Advocate: "I never thought I'd find somebody that is so loving and kind."

Ugh. Too cute. Congratulations to Dot-Marie and Bridgett! Cheers to a happy, happy life together.

Are you happy for this Glee star?


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truth... truthrowan

Then why comment Chandra? I love her character, I admire this actress, she has a beautiful fiance' and I wish her the best.



Aw I'm so happy for her. I love her as Coach Bieste and I still remember when she was the gym teacher on Lizze McGuire! lol

Emma Woods

they're so cute! that is so awesome congrats!

Grant Batty Darktower

Good news is just that GOOD news!! Congrats to them both!

nonmember avatar Kate

Congrats to them! That is wonderful news!

Theresa Dooley

right on very happy for you....... :)

Michael Oberg

I wish Dot & her fiancee nothing but the best! Dot has proven that stereotypes can be overcome & she has shown (even through her macho build) a sweet gentle side, something rarely shown or presented as well as Dot has done. Kudos to "Glee" as well for giving her the opportunity to play against typecast! I think she is amazing!

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