Writer Jackie Collins Totally Disses '50 Shades' Author E.L. James

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E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, might be uber-popular with readers, but she's not so popular with other authors. First, Twilight author Stephenie Myer said she would never read the kinky trilogy, and now massively successful author Jackie Collins had some rather snarky things to say about Anastasia Steele, submissive extraordinaire. Jackie, who wrote seven books starring her character, mob daughter Lucky Santangelo, sniped about Fifty's heroine:

I prefer women who kick ass and don’t get their ass kicked!

Ohhh, snap! Jealous much, Jackie?

Well, Jackie doesn't have much to be jealous of. She's sold bazillions of books. But she just couldn't stop yapping about her character versus Anastasia Steele, saying:

Lucky is the woman who inspires other women. I wanted to write a really strong ­female character who was not just a sex symbol.

But then she added about E.L.:

Good luck to her. She sold a sh*tload of books!

Well, I never thought I'd agree with anything Jackie Collins has to say, but yeah, it's kind of sad that the heroine of our era is ... a submissive? Someone who signs a contract to do whatever some dude tells her to do?

What happened to women like Elizabeth Bennet, Scarlett O'Hara, Lisbeth Salander? Is this really the type of woman that women want to read about? The only reasonable explanation I've read so far that helps explain the books' popularity is that women are so exhausted these days having to do it all that they enjoy the idea of a woman who has everything done for her. Who doesn't have to make any choices. Not even about what to do in bed.

On the other hand, Jackie throwing shade at Fifty Shades does sound a little bitter. Which is perfectly understandable!

Please, no giving Jackie Fifty Shades perfume for her birthday.

Do you agree with Jackie or think she's just a tad bitter?

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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

Bitter?  No.  She has a valid point, most readers want a strong family lead and frankly, we need them.  

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

and I'm also bothered by the assumption that everyone is either jealous or bitter because Twilight and 50 Shades are popular.  I'm a writer and I'm NOT jealous of them.  Just because people read they series does not make them worth reading and I frankly think that while the mechanics are there, the story is not.




EmilyH87 EmilyH87

I don't think she sounds bitter. I think it's a really good point. Personally, I'd rather read another book with Lisbeth Salander in it any day of the week.


Todd Vrancic

Just because she doesn't care for the books doesn't make her bitter.  After all, she wished E. L. James well and congratulated her for selling her books.

nonmember avatar OhPlease...

Jackie Collins' books all portray women as sluts who sleep their way to the top, and all Black women as vapid, stereotypical, low-class tramps. At least Ana Steele is intelligent! In her 90 years of writing her trash...she never DREAMED of the success James has attained. It would be nice if women - supposedly professional women - supported each other rather than tear them down...like the stereotypical cat-fights Ms Collins favors!

nonmember avatar Seriously?

Why would she be jealous of a poorly written series when she's a successful author herself? No matter what anyone says, 50 Shades was terribly written. Personally, I hated it. I'd rather read one of Jackie Collins' books than the 50 Shades trilogy again. They were awful.

Daisy... DaisyJupes

There's nothing to be jealous of. In 50 Shades, Ana is smart...and that's it. She's not submissive, she's meek and a doormat willing to do anything for a guy she likes, even if it doesn't interest her. She doesn't take charge of her own sexuality or do this out of interest, she does everything for a guy in an attempt to make him like her and to change him. And he's controlling in such a way that makes it feel abusive and not caring or loving (which is what BDSM should ultimately be) and shoves her into a world where he abandons her after using her initially. Aftercare is important! When she does occasionally give an outburst, the guy even seems to wonder when she got thoughts. Even if Ana was an admirable person (you can be sexually submissive without being a doormat or a fake, both of which she is), they're poorly written. It's awful. 

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

I couldn't even finish reading the first book. That Ana character made me ill. Smart?  You must be very dumb. And the way BDSM was portrayed???  Bullshit. 

nonmember avatar Ebony

Well stephanie meyer should have nothing to say about female leads. Bella was a self centered teen who's whole purpose in life revolved around her boyfriend. It's a cute light read but nothing as dark as fifty shades.

Bre Bre

As a sub I could care less what other authors or readers think I liked the books but I also read Stephen King Anne Rice and love the Sookie Stackhouse series along with the Anita Blake series

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