Porn Star Blasts Farrah Abraham for Being a Total Phony

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farrah abrahamIt doesn't take long to shoot a porno. I know because of ... research. For all the talk on the Internet and otherwise about Farrah Abraham's one "leaked" sex tape, she could have spent her days making all manner of adult titles and selling them for a tidy profit.

It's her decision to make her tape a one-off -- thinly veiled as a private movie that she just happened to make with an adult film star -- that's drawn ire from her detractors. People have been divided when it comes to Farrah's career. Is she just a single mom doing whatever she can to get by? Or is she a fame-hungry opportunist?

I think it's probably six of one, half a dozen of the other, you know? Ultimately, I don't ... care? When it comes to Farrah's career choices, I don't get real fired up. I mean, whatever she decides to do, she will still be making palm-to-face-worthy bon mots for me to write about. Other than that, in the immortal words of the Internet:


But there are folks who are more than a little peeved at Miss Farrah. Porn stars like Brooklyn Lee kind of have every right to be annoyed. Brooklyn's beef with Farrah isn't that the Teen Mom invaded her turf -- it's that she didn't own it. When asked what she thought of Farrah, Brooklyn had this to say:

They should just own the fact that they’re wh*res ... I certainly do. I’m all for ‘celebs’ and their sex tapes, but I find it idiotic when they pretend the footage was ‘leaked.’ Anyone appearing in an adult movie released by a major studio has definitely signed a 2257 model release, no exceptions.

Yeah, that even had me raising my eyebrows. Because it's not every day I share the same world view as a woman who is paid to have sex in front of a camera. Farrah. You are making worlds collide and I don't like it!

Do you think Farrah should just be real about her sex tape?

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mmbgdr mmbgdr

Every single article that is on the internet about this idiot is completely NEGATIVE. They talk about how stupid & slutty she is no matter what the story is about. How on earth does she NOT GET THAT? I realize there's a such thing as staying relevant, but at what cost? How can you be so desperate for attention that you don't mind being know as an unintelligent slut puppy? I know she reads everything. I just don't get it.

crunc... crunchymomma87

Farrah's daughter will be so proud when she grows up and see what kind of woman her mother is.... said no one ever.

Faith Diane Farrer

Farrah is camera hungry. At this point it dosn't matter what it is sex tape or not, she'll do anything to get the camera on her. Plus I think it's total bull how her mom and dad back her up 1 hundred percent. Seriously??? If that was me my dad would of beat the crap out of the guy who was in the movie with me, then come after me. Farrah has attention issues, if the camera is not her then best believev shell do something to get there attention.

CAP1015 CAP1015

She reminds me so much of KAte Gossellin, except Farrah, get's paid and doesn't hide the fact she is a camera whore.......LOL

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