Powerful Songs From ‘Glee’ Cory Monteith Tribute Episode Released -- Get the Tissues Ready (LISTEN)

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glee the quarterbackAre any of you ready for the emotional gut-punch of the Glee Cory Monteith tribute episode, "The Quarterback," premiering October 10? Yeah, me neither. Especially now that all the ballads have been released, it's even harder to imagine how this will all play out on our television screens without us losing our minds with devastation and sadness. Get those damn tissues or your chopping onions excuses ready.

The heart-wrenching promo for the episode was sad enough; these songs are simply overwhelming and really difficult to listen to. You can hear the actors' raw, naked emotion and grief coming out as they sing their tributes to their fallen friend, and they clearly give it their all, perhaps even discovering their own way to heal and mourn through their songs. That's the power, beauty, and majesty of music after all, isn't it? Honestly, there's no better way to honor Cory than what you're about to listen to.

Here they are:

Naya Rivera, "If I Die Young":

Full Cast, "Fire and Rain":

Full Cast, "Seasons of Love":

Mark Salling, "No Surrender":

Amber Riley, "I'll Stand by You":

Lea Michele, "Make You Feel My Love":

Amazing, right? Can't wait to see the episode.

Which song from the Glee Cory Monteith tribute episode is your favorite?


Image via FOX

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Mandy B Patrick

I'm not even emotionally ready for this episode. Already balling like a baby just thinking about it. Going to need tons of tissues, gallon of my fav Ice Cream and water.

amber... amberdotsmom

I cried at the preview last week.  And Fire and Rain is one of my top favorite songs.  Yup, definitely doing two things, breaking out the tissues and watching it DVR not live so I can stop and start as much as I need.

Kasey Jo Mynatt-Stinnett

not ready for this episode at all either. I will be needing more than just tissues on this one.

nonmember avatar Hanne

When I saw that Lea was singing Make You Feel My Love I literally gasped. I cannot wait.

Rinacres Rinacres

This is going to be a very tough episode to get thru.  I will have to watch it when I am home alone so no one can make fun of me for blubbering like a baby.  I have no idea how Lea Michele found the strength to sing that song so beautifully.  Amber Riley's take on one of my all time fav songs brought tears to my eyes and shivers up and down my arms.

Morgaine Post

Seasons of Love...just hearing the Glee Cast sing it, makes me want to cry almost just as much as when my brother sings I'll Cover You (Reprise) from Rent. gonna have a box of tissues ready and i am even going to skip Grey's Anatomy this Thursday just so I can see this episode to remember Cory/Finn. May he rest in peace. So proud of all the cast too, for doing this.

casti... castinghub

It's going to be a hard episode to watch

spook... spooknrun

Rinacres, I'm with you: gonna have to watch alone.

Shuj Shuj

Wow... listening Lea sing was really tough. Mark Salling's song was also very powerful. You could hear the rawness and pain. Like others, I'm going to have to watch this on my DVR so I can compose myself when I need to. 

Tiffany Redfearn

These songs are so intense. You can really feel their pain. I will by crying my eyes on this episode.

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