Khloe Kardashian Is Ready to 'Pull the Trigger' on Divorcing Lamar

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khloe kardashian on kutwkBreaking up is always hard to do, and in Khloe Kardashian's case, it may be not only hard, but a drawn-out, exhaustive process involving lawyers and unfiled divorce papers. Apparently, despite contradicting reports that seem to surface every 15 minutes, Khloe has actually been working on putting the formal kibosh on her troubled marriage, a source with "intimate knowledge of the situation" tells Radar Online.  

“Within the last two weeks, Khloe instructed her lawyer to have divorce papers drawn up. All she needs to do is tell the lawyer to file the petition. She has even signed the divorce papers, in anticipation,” the source says. Whoa. So despite all the wishy-washy seeming vague Instagramming and tweeting, maybe Khloe really does mean business?

I can't help but be heartened by the idea that this could be true. Because, as sad as it is that her marriage may be thisclose to an end, it also shows she's doing what she needs to do to protect herself legally. And emotionally, she's proving she's no doormat who is going to stand idly by while her husband cheats and refuses to get help for his alleged drug addiction. 

Given some of the reports out there about Lamar's behavior, it's a wonder she hasn't filed the petition yet. But the source says Khloe's holding off, because she's not ready to "pull the trigger." However, "she feels she has no other options at this point because Lamar is unwilling to go to rehab. ... There is hope that if Khloe does file, Lamar will realize he must get help.”

Oh man, I really hope she doesn't plan to file as a threat? When she does it, it has to be for real, not as a final attempt to push Lamar into rehab. She owes it to herself to put her foot down for real, once and for all, and walk away from what continues to look like a more and more toxic situation.

Do you think/hope if Khloe files for divorce, she'll actually go through with it?

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You can never force an addict to quit or think an ultimatum will work. They'll only quit and/or get help with their ready or when they've hit their own rock bottom.

nonmember avatar Heather

I know how hard it is to live with an i am in the same situation that khloe is is very hard when u love that person.u want 2 do everything u can 2 make that person happy and feel at ease..especially if u love that person ..

Deborah K Doe

No No No Khloe, be by his side 24/7. Thats where you belong when he is troubled, depressed, doing drugs etc...take hold of him and force the intervention. Don't allow him to continue to hurt himself. He will love you more for it, he just doesn't know that right now. Then while he is getting help, find out who the scoundrel is that is enabling him, as if we didn't already know, and file charges. That is what a loyal wife should do, and her family should back her up and help you. Be strong girl.

Meghan Alissa

So sad... I love Khloe. Best wishes for you and your family everything will work out in the end

nonmember avatar norma martinez

Yeah I know the feeling cause I lived with an addict to and leaving him didn't do nothing but I have to do what is right fir me. I feel bad for Khole but he won't change unless he want to. I thought their marriage was going to last forever but I guess forever is not gonna happen. STAY STRONG KHOLE.

nonmember avatar lauurann

khloe probably going to stand by Lamar and I wouldn't be surprised if it was kris jenner who leaked this whole story , but anyways if they do divorce I think she can do better.

Katie Casteel

It's time  Klohe.Like i have said before, you need a decent gentleman,who will fill ur house up with babies! Of course it's very sad,but,you gave it ur all.

nonmember avatar Emily

I really dnt knw. Only Khole knw the truth about her marriage. The press talks a lot of shit. You really hv to take it with a grain of salt. But let's plays Devils advocate... Lamar cheating, rehab refusal... Yes, call it quits. I love them both but I honestly love Koko more and want her to have joy. Lamar, I wish you all the best buddy.

nonmember avatar Sammi Pershica

Khloe,, you doing what you need to do. Your a Beautiful Women, and have the world at the tips of your fingers! I am your Biggest Fan. Please let her have her time to get through this time in her life. Because you will smell like a Rose after it is all said and done. Best Wishes to you! You are Blessed to have sFamily who supports your choices in your life!!!

Yours Truly,

Sammi Pershica of Oklahoma City

Joey Deans

How about when something actually happens, THEN you write a story about it. Your site has been gushing about the same BS for weeks. Silence is golden, even in the media.

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