Jenelle Evans Shows Us Why Nathan Griffith Is Here to Stay

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nathan griffith jaceIn case there were any doubts that Jenelle Evans' new boo is here to stay, here's a photo that will slay those misgivings immediately. Will you please look at this adorable snapshot Jenelle took of Nathan holding a sleeping Jace? Daww! So much sweetness we can hardly take it. Couldn't she have thrown in a prominent tattoo or some duck lips or something to mitigate all the sugary cuteness happening here?

I mean ... this is what it's all about, amirite ladies? Sure Jenelle and Nate have hot monkeys-on-the-ceiling-sex (I'm just going by what she says ...), but she's had plenty of sweet action with her other men. This, on the other hand, is what makes Nathan more than the flavor of the week.

Nathan is cradling the most important thing in Jenelle's life: Her son. For a guy to care for another man's son is a big deal. It happens all the time, of course. But it's still a big deal. The social anthropologists will tell you it's going against their instincts, but social anthropology is bunk anyway. Still, we wouldn't be seeing Nathan this way if he weren't completely sincere about being a part of Jenelle's life in a serious way.

And there almost isn't anything hotter than seeing a guy cuddle a child. Don't you love how Nathan's eyes are closed? That's some serious primal bonding going on there, and you know Jenelle loves it. "Jace loves his Nathan," she writes in the caption. Which means Jace trusts Nathan, too.

We got the sense that Nathan wasn't like the guys in Jenelle's life when she tweeted that he wanted to keep her sober. (Er, well in his own way.) This snapshot makes us like Nathan even more and makes us think this really could be the real deal for them.

What do you think of this photo of Nate and Jace?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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lobus lobus

Oh my Lord. That poor boy. Wasn't her ex who was a marine great with her son? It seems to me that they use Jace for good publicity, and the guy uses her and Jace for a good image. I really hope this guy is golden and is here to stay, and I hope that Jace is not effed up from so many men in and out of his life.

sweet... sweetaspie630

I think the fact that they are 1) still together  2) haven't had any huge fights, or gotten in any serious legal trouble and 3) she is stable and even her mom likes him, all mean maybe there is a chance.

nonmember avatar Caeleigh serious legal trouble? Nathan just got his FOURTH (yes 4th) DUI and is facing jail time and a HUGE fine. Such a WONDERFUL role model for Jace. And also....the men that Jenelle beds are the most important in her life; if it was Jace, she'd have custody by now. She certainly *should* have the money as she is still filming, she has the time since she really has no job other than filming, and it's been FOUR freaking years.

Heather Stclaire


nonmember avatar Okaaay

Did Jenelle write this junk?! Ant serious legal trouble?! Helloooo 4rth DUI. This loser has no job, is a drunk, doesn't pay child support to HIS own daughther (let alone see the poor girl)... I wonder how can a man be a good dad to someone elses child but not his own?! ... Oh yeah BULLSHIT. Borh of them are not parents. Babysitting your kid twice a month is not being a parent. Jace us not the most important guy in Jenelle's life. Dick over errrrrthing INCLUDING her brother/son (Jace). Stop condoning this type of behaviour... It's not ok to give up custody for dick and drugs, its not ok to have 4 (all including this dumb fuck are drug addicts, "abusive", losers and deadbeats). Try again. This is ALL complete lies.

nonmember avatar Emily

Really?! How about the only man that should be there to stay be her son?! Do not write "articles" about every boyfriend she has being "the one" ... Remember Jace? Yeah, the kid without a mom. Maybe you idiots should write an article about how he's been neglected and forgotten by her sperm donor mom and remind the junkie dick hopping, chin fucking slut to check herself and do something for that kid. Because you know what? Trips to Florida with her new dick doesn't pay for daycare that her poor old mother has to pay since Jay Leno over there doesn't give two fucks about that and is even considering terminating child support... Oh but that doesn't matter because her new flavour of the month is holding her kid (which she babysits twice a month). Yeah, keep it up Jenelle.

nonmember avatar Rachel

He looks like he's on dope his damn self... No 1 can be with a drug user n not turn into one them selves... Once she started using dope she became a lost cause... That poor child loves his mom n she can careless... Thank god for the grandmother she seems like she's always doing positive things with him n he has more than most kids have because of her... Besides that I agree with everyone else

Susan Norton

i dont understand why yall goin to hate for.. she has change and yall need to leave her along she doin alot better then farrah.. so stop hating..

Debbie Strong

Jenelle I hope your getting your life together and hope that Nathan is good to both you and Jace ,Does your mama like him Lol. Really hope life is being good to you I think you are a good girl just have had some bad luck we are all human Jenelle dont worry about what others think be happy with whom you wish make sure he good to you both. Good Luck Girly...

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