Another ‘RHONJ’ Star May Be Leaving the Show & We're ALL For It

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Real HousewivesAfter last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, I think we can all agree on one thing: This whole story line that's going on between frenemies Teresa Guidice and Melissa Gorga is getting a little old. We get it, they love to argue and swing backward compliments at one another over glasses of pinot. Which is why I'm a little thrilled over the possible rumors of a casting mix-up. We already know that Dina Manzo may return to Real Housewives for season 6. But apparently one longtime Housewife could be leaving the cast along with Caroline Manzo: Jacqueline Laurita.

Laurita said a few things on Twitter recently that imply she might not be back for season 6. Commenting on Dina's possible return to RHONY, she said, "I don't think Dina is trying to get me fired but I know she doesn't want to come on the show with me on it. Probably to avoid any conflict." 

I really like Jacqueline. But I think her leaving Housewives would be super beneficial for her and the network.

Like I said: Things are getting stale on RHONJ. As much as I'm tired of the drama going on with Teresa and Melissa, I know those two ladies are key players, and I think the way they interact with others makes for good television. Trading in Caroline and Jacqueline for new ladies will freshen things up and give fans new personalities to get to know (that bring their own drama, I'm sure).

As for benefiting Jacqueline, getting off the show will give her more time to spend with her family and most importantly her autistic son Nicholas as he continues to develop. I don't know about you all, but watching him say "I love you" to his mom this season really struck a chord with me. There's nothing wrong with being a star on reality television, if that's what you're into, but something tells me now it's time for Jacqueline to move on to bigger and better things ... off-screen.

Do you think Jacqueline should leave Housewives?


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Dana Vasquez

im sure her son is her priority but she still has time for housewives. id love to see her stay just to see how her friendship goes with teresa and just maybe teresa may be able to bring dina and jacqueline together again and the three of them can run the show!!!

Ellen Sklar-Danberry

i liked jackie when she was friends with danielle id like them to bring her back. was fun with her on it.

Patty Ford Tournear

Get rid of Melissa and Kathy. I DO NOT want Caroline or Jaqueline to leave.

nonmember avatar cass

Jacko is cray-cray and an alkie to boot....get rid of her

Sheryll Philmon

no i do not think she should leave nor should Caroline  i love them both. and Jacqueline son is her priority . if these two ladies leave no one will watch it trust me Dina should not come back if she don't like them being on the show tell her to kiss your ass. please do not let them go... 


Carol Lanning

So who will come on the show now I love to have the 10min on the show but that will never happen I'm not rich and I get by with my $75.00 a week I do not neew to be rich but if I make the kind of money all the ladys are making I would be happy but I would not throw my money away! I love who is on the show now but if some want to move on with their life let them and get new people on I will say MIMI in the house good luck who will come on for #6

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