10 Hot Guys Taylor Swift Dated (Nah, She's Not Boy-Crazy!)

taylor swiftYou guys, listen up: There's a seriously nasty rumor going around about Taylor Swift and I don't know who could have possibly started it. (Definitely NOT some "bitter" blogger with no life who's obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard or anything.) Seriously, this is one mean-spirited bit of celeb buzz -- and shocking, too! Like, hold on to your hat 'cause ain't nobody saw this one coming: People are saying that Taylor Swift ... is boy-crazy

No. NO!! Taylor SWIFT? Not even. 

I know, I know ...  I was just as blown away as you are. Appalled, I should say. I mean, Taylor Sweetheart Swift?? My jaw was right down there on the proverbial floor with yours, believe you me. And so, consumed with a burning sense of righteous indignation, I took to the Internet to do a little research. To prove those evil gosspimongers (hmm, where have I seen that word?) wrong. And guess what?? 

I could only come up with like, 10 hot guys Swift has dated recently. Boy-crazy?? Why, that's ... that's just ... um ... ACCURATE, perhaps?? 

If the stiletto fits, b*tch.

Do you think Taylor Swift is boy-crazy?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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D.j. Lord

why the slut shaming?  so she can date who ever she wants

nonmember avatar tiffay

You say she has dated 10 people recently ? She has dated 6 people in her entire life, many of those listed are her fiends or costars in videos, many of those listed have publicly stated that they are just friends. You sound very angry about Taylor, aren't u the one that recently wrote about how much you hate her? Anyway, she is almost 24 years old and having dated 6 people doesn't seem out of line to me. In fact, since Dec. 2010 she has dated 2 people, Harry and Conor , so recently she has dated exactly 2 people. Not really boy-crazy.She hasn't dated anyone in the last 10 months. Bitter much?

nonmember avatar lorene

Not sure why u are so upset but at least get the facts right. Taylor has dated only 2 people since 2010, and 6 people her entire life. But why does she have to justify herself to the likes of you? Its her life and she should date whoever she wants toanyway. Maybe tone down the bitterness and jealousy a little in the future? LOL

nonmember avatar shelby

LOL, you really need to do more research because your information is just wrong and filled with unsubstantiated rumours and innuenodos. Why you wanna hate on Taylor? She doesn't get arrested, get stumbling drunk in public, take nasty pictures, have lewd behavior etc. so why is her dating life of such interest to you? Why so angry that she has dated ? Are you jealous, bitter, or angry or all three because you sure come off that way.

nonmember avatar Ashleigh

Oh here's another one of those "let's slut shame Taylor Swift" articles and of course, nearly half the guys you're claiming she's dated, she hasn't. So no, she isn't boy crazy but nice try! Maybe you should do some better "research" next time.

nonmember avatar hmm

....sounds like the taylor swift fanbase needs to get some thicker skin.Poor taylor swift she's so maligned and treated sooooooooooo poorly.Those defending her can't refute the "gossip" they'd rather whine that those critcising her are mean spirited or call the writer a "slut shamer",too funny!

nonmember avatar dude

(1) Harry...Yes they dated (2) Joe...yes they dated (3) Taylor...yes they dated (4) Lucas Till...they went out a few weeks ? Wow he said we were both to nice and oh my she was a good kisser..(5) John....yes they dated.(6) Zac...NEVER DATED both denied anything other than lunch and promoting a movie together and oh yes she gave him a guitar lesson. (7) Eddie... said in a interview they met once and talked for about 10 minutes he has no idea how the dating storys started.(8) Connor... yes they had a summer romance fo a couple months. (9) Jake...yes they dated (10) Cory... its known they hung out at a Grammy after party and went on a bowling double date with Selena Gomez and some other friends..... Ms Burt you are a nasty jealous c#n+ this is the most vile hate ive read in a while, you read to much gossip and you are still upset about how about 50 people called you out on the last piece of Taylor hate you wrote a few days ago ...She had 6 relationships went on a few dates with 2 guys AND THE OTHER 2 NEVER HAPPENED. Taylor is almost 24yrs old and in the past 7 yrs this is all the men she has dated..... She dates less than the average 23yo who belongs to j date or christian mingle.

nonmember avatar M

Talking about who a person dated isn't "slut-shaming" (which has become a meaningless term, BTW). Grow up, Swift fans. You make yourselves (and your idol) look like thin-skinned psychos.

nonmember avatar Merna

hahah you made me laught you idiot she dated only 6 guys she can do what she want you stupid leave her alone

nonmember avatar avalon

M......you may be right about the term slut shaming.BUT the person who wrote this pure hate admits she hates Taylor. Calls her boy crazy because she supposedly dated a number of guys that she deems to much? Ms Burt comes across as the Ugly girl in high scool who no one looks at so she starts rumors about the popular cheerleader. This piece is more about about jealously and just the mean hateful person who wrote this. Ms Burt seek help for your deep seeded mental problems because no normal sane adult would admit to writing this.

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