Robert Pattinson May Be Dating Dylan Penn but She'll Never Be Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartThey've been broken up for, like, a while now -- but it's probably going to be quite some time before people stop talking about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's epic relationship. Sure, things ended on kind of a sour note, but still -- they were a really strong couple for so long. It's only natural for folks to wonder whether it's over for good.

And according to one source, Kristen doesn't think Rob can ever be replaced, and she believes their love "was one of a kind."

While she may slowly start to move on from the split, it's hard not to wonder if he feels exactly the same way even though he's reportedly all cozy with Dylan Penn.

Think about it for a second -- can anyone ever truly take the place of your very first love? You know, the first person who fully captured your heart, and then stomped on it until it was in a million pieces? Dylan may be helping Rob move on with his life -- but somehow KStew is always going to be stuck in the back of his head.

Even though Kristen cheated on Rob, there's a good chance that he will always harbor some sort of deep love for her even if he's not at a point where he can look back on their time together fondly. (He'll get there. Eventually.)

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe once they are a bit older and have dated other people, Rob and Kristen just might find their paths crossing again -- and you know where I'm going with this. I mean, would you really be all that shocked if they got back together down the road? I highly doubt anyone would, given the fact that they've broken up and taken each other back before -- even after one of them cheated.

I'm not sure why, but I have this feeling we probably haven't seen the last of Robsten, though if they ever are a thing again, it likely won't be for at least a few more years or so. After they've both been through at least two or three more heartaches, they'll be ready for some serious consoling -- at which point they may only find comfort in the arms of each other.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will ever fully get over one another?


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nonmember avatar barbara b

I think they will get back together,because they had great chemistry! Rob will see that too!

nonmember avatar barbara b

I think they will get back together,because they had great chemistry! Rob will see that too!

Lynda McCann Church

Yes, and I hope they do. The longer you live, the more you learn from your mistakes. Young oer old, we all like to believe in happy ever after. They both made mistakes, but they were so young when they first met, someday they might meet again by chance, and things could just fall in place. They were good together, I wish them both the best.

Terry Harris

I think they will some day get back together at lease i hope they do


Ale Escobar

I love them!!! I'm waiting for to see them together again!!

Shirley Sorrow

I'm afraid when that time comes for Rob that Kristen may have moved on.  She is too beautiful, talented and so very interesting to be single for very long.  There will be a line of men waiting for her.  If Rob really loves her he shouldn't take too long.  The same can be said for Kristen, but I don't see her moving on quite yet.  I don't know if Kristen actually said these thing, because she is so private.  If she did she values what they had maybe more than he did.  Time will tell, but again I hope they don't wait too long.  You don't want to lose a forever love.



Patricia Ann Morrissey

This is exactly what Kristen needs right now -- alone time. She needs to figure out what she wants in life without a million and one people in her face, telling her what's best for her. She needs to be by herself. The worst thing she could possibly do right now would be to jump into a relationship with some random dude just because Rob is with someone else. We all know how those relationships end.

Susan Seeman-Pultz

ya never know. I mean with the new twilight movie coming out. They may get back together then. Who knows. Right now we can only speculate.

Ann Chambers

It would be nice if they did get back together, but they will only do what their heart tells them. It was so sad to see them split. I do wish them both the very best.

nonmember avatar Evelyn Kim

Hillarious... DON'T really BELEIVE kS is ROB'S FIRST LOVE... nor vica versa... way to return BCK to her. They FOUND each other N connected well.... N voila BIZNESS... incahoots N just puttin it out there

$$$$ money N status....

sad, AFTER ALL THIS time, he still NEEDS TO SELL her N BE DRAPED BY her.... Dylan's name 2x's now, N still NO pict... Rob... :( N this whole set up is very, very ugh.. Dylan's name N kristen stewart poses....surprise Dylan's DOESN'T DUMP your ass N sell 'a real Lover'.... ugh.. Rob... so not you. ???

FIRE whoever... like 'a krusty's idea', so sour. ya...

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