Prince Harry Charms the Ladies, but His Heart Is Elsewhere

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Prince Harry was like every member of Big Time Rush wrapped up in one adorable and royal package this weekend when he managed to charm women, men, and babies on his trip to Australia. Will's insanely likeable brother was met by mobs of women everywhere he went after flying Down Under to take part in the International Fleet Review. Girls screamed for him, men held up their babies so Harry could touch their cheeks, and one woman "accidentally" dropped her straw hat so he could pick it up and chat for awhile with her pretty 22-year-old daughter -- best mom ever. Even the prime minister's gorgeous daughters, Bridget and Frances, were reportedly so smitten by the redhead that 22-year-old Bridget immediately posted a photo of them on her Instagram. I mean, guys, this is a girl who probably has access to Harry Styles and Harry Lloyd -- the pick of the litter!

But the Prince's friends say his mind -- and heart -- are elsewhere. And that's not all they're revealing. 

Harry's buddies have been very chatty with reporters lately, telling them that the 29-year-old's girlfriend Cressida Bonas has overcome her fears of marrying into the royal family and will very likely marry the prince next year! How is that even enough time to book a decent hall? Oh, right.

Harry's friends also reveal this bit of precious information: apparently, all the Prince can talk about is marriage and children. Perhaps he's inspired by what seems like Kate and Will's healthy and fun union and their cute tot? Harry reportedly loves the fact that Cressida is so free-spirited and comes from a Bohemian background. Although he's been pressuring her to accept a proposal for some time now -- at first the 24-year-old model felt too young to settle down -- if this juicy gossip is to be believed, she's ready! 

I've always loved Harry. He's the closest thing the Royal Family will ever get to a normal bloke. And, despite all the talk about Kate not being Cressida's biggest fan because Will had a thing for her friend Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, I sense the Duchess is far more secure in herself and her relationship to care too much about that past silliness. I'd love to see the Royal Family get a dose of Beatnik and I think Cressida would shake things up just enough to make their lives more interesting. 

What do you think about a Prince Harry/Cressida Bonas wedding?


Image via Bridget Abbott/Instagram

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Mary Varallo

No way, he can do much better then her.

Nancy Braunig

This is going to be a disaster. She's not ready to be married and start having kids. She's said that herself. She probably thinks it'll be like having one big party. And people are having to talk her into it. Do you think it needs to be shaken up? Fergie's still around along with her daughters.

Dorothy Lovvorn


Cheryl Johnson

Are you kidding me, No way he should Marry that Lady, I have seen many pics of them and she walks in front of him not behind, remember this true fact " Behind every Man stands a good Woman"...and The Prince dosen't look happy with her, If her marries this Lady , Im afraid it will be another Charles and Diana, Just not a match :/

Coles... Coles_mom

She is the true definition of a "hot mess". She has nothing of the grace, demeanor, gentleness, and likability that Catherine has. This girl will be in the tabloids daily for her behavior.

waity... waitykate

He looks tired and a bit embarrassed by thoseclodhopper amazons who were hanging all over him. Talk about big girls. They could probably arm-wrestle him and win.

waity... waitykate


He looks tired and a bit embarrassed by those clodhopper amazons who were hanging all over him. Talk about big girls. They could probably arm-wrestle him and win.

CATHERINE who, ? Waity Kate you mean ? The one who was a public drunk, and chased a man for a decade rather than use her college degree ? The one who went naked outdoors ? The one with the dress up in the air a few times a month or so ? "Likeability" >?  LOL

Megan Harvey

@ Cheryl - So she won't make a good wife because she doesn't walk behind him? I don't think the whole "good woman behind every good man" is referring to her physical location. I would think that, far better than to be before him or behind him, the best place to be would be beside him.

We don't know anything about this girl, and, let's face it, none of us know anything about Prince Harry. We know him on an "information available to the public" level, not personally, so how can any of us judge what's best for him? If he really loves her and the feeling is mutual, well, that's between them, whether it turns out to be for the best or not. She's not Kate, but that's fine by me; variety is the spice of life. I'd like to think of a princess who was so chill and down-to-earth that she could sport long, loose hair and ripped jeans and go out and have fun sometimes. I just hope she's not a spoiled, horrible little brat underneath it all.

Julie Wintle

Fair play no one knows what there like behind closed doors

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