'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Mackenzie Can't Make Josh Love Her

Mackenzie Douthit Teen MomPoor Mackenzie Douthit. It's hard to think anything but that when you watch Teen Mom 3. This girl is working her tail off raising her little boy, going to school, cheerleading, and trying to be a good girlfriend. And Josh McKee can't even be bothered to return her calls or, as we saw on tonight's episode, say thank you for a thoughtful Father's Day present.

Josh is not a bad guy, especially not compared to some of the other jerk boyfriends we're watching on Teen Mom 3. Matt McCann was in the hospital, recovering from a heroin overdose on Father's Day, which Alex Sekella had to spend alone. And who knows where Briana DeJesus' ex-boyfriend, Devoin Austin, was for the big day. It wasn't watching his daughter Nova experience her first ever visit to the beach.

And let's not even get started on Joey Maes, who can't bother to get his butt back to the apartment in time to drive Katie (in her car, remember?) and daughter Molli to a baby swim class because he has better things to do ... like go fishing.

Josh is not that kind of jerk. He's present in his kid's life. He's not out shooting up heroin. He's not even mean to Mackenzie, exactly.

He's just not very nice to her either.

In fact, the more I watch Mackenzie bending over backward to make Josh's life easier, to try to make sure he sees his son, to be a "good" girlfriend, the more I understand why she broke their engagement awhile back (before getting RE-engaged and then married). She is the one doing all the hard work, and after awhile, that gets exhausting.

Josh is not putting in any effort in their relationship at all. He doesn't make time for Mackenzie; he doesn't return her phone calls; and when they are together, he shows no affection, nor does he put more than the bare minimum into the conversation.

Here in regular time we know that Mackenzie and Josh are married and expecting baby number two, but I sure as heck hope he cleaned up his act before he put that ring on her finger because the way it stand right now, Josh isn't acting like a guy in love. And Mackenzie can't make him love her the way she deserves.

What do you think of Josh's cool as a cucumber act? Is he just shy or a real jerk?


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Jai Hutto

I think he's a spoiled jerk who was probably raised in a household where his mom did everything for her husband and her children. Screw that. I think her marrying him was a dumb idea.

Susan Grant

I just have to say that Mackenzie is the only one of the teen moms who has any sense in the way she acts , the other 2 are out of control, the one girl who has the drug head boyfriend she acts like it's all his fault, she had so much to do with it and she nagged and nagged him till what did he do? Overdosed, the kid has problems and she just accuses him and nags him into oblivion, geesh, get a clue girl, that is not how you get your guy to stay off drugs, how about some encouragement, just sayin, and the other girl all she does is try to control her boyfriend, if he wants to stay the hell up all night and go fishing, so what, can't you stay out of every minute of his life? Talk about overbearing, all I hear is woe is me, wha wha wha, get your stuff together, leave and go to your college, you do not need to wait on the guys , do what you want the hell with those irresponsible guys, however you hooked up with them, made your bed, now you need to dig your way out of your problems

nonmember avatar Lily

I'm not a big fan of Mackenzie--she comes across as incredibly ignorant and immature--but my heart does break for her when she gives her all for a man who clearly couldn't care less about her. I am interested to see how they got from this point to married; something tells me that Mackenzie ended up yielding to Josh's expectations more than he did to hers. It is quite sad.

Also, I don't get the hate for Joey. He is a far better man than Josh. He and Katie fight (the fault lying equally on both sides), but Joey provides for his family with a VERY tough job and makes some effort so Katie can stay home and raise Molli.

nonmember avatar Jamie

Mackenzie is a needy teenage girl. And Josh is being an aloof teenage boy. This is how teenagers act. The problem here is that they have a child together. Yes, it takes two to make a baby but the sooner that these girls realize that the birth of a baby does not suddenly make teenage boys want to settle down and grow up the happier they would all be. Shame on mackenzie's mom for believing that birth control would make them want to have sex(after a miscarriage and a baby born before the age of 17).


I think Josh has suffered one too many concussions, to be quite honest.

nonmember avatar Katy

I never comment on blogs or recaps, although I enjoy reading everyone's observations and opinions.

So I have to ask - did anyone see Mackenzie's scars on her wrist? I never notice these kind of things but it made me rewind and do a double take. It's right around minute 24. It honestly looked like self-harm. It made me very sad to see and I figured I couldn't be the only one who noticed that.

I hope someone around her is looking out for her :(

Kayla Price

Brianna is a wonderful mom i love watching her on the show she and her family are amazing in helping her take care of her daughter.Thoes other two girls are kinda krazy that one with the boyfriend who works, what kinda person nags their boyfriend for having a job. You dont do nuthing all day. Then that balarena chick shes really rude to her baby dady he has a disease she could try and be a little supportive. Mackenzie is a lil needy but that's only because she really loves josh and any teenage girl who gets pregnant all want the same thing to be a family with the father of their child, kinda naive if you ask me lifes not a fairytale it doesn't matter what age you have a child it matters if two ppl are willing to raise that child together is what makes a family. I think josh and kenzie will have their ups and down but so does any relationship with our with out a child. I hope their relationship works out and they actually stay married. They made an adult decision i just hope their teenage emotions wasn't behind it. GOOD LUCK to all the ladies on teen mom 3

Verde... Verdeamor11

The one thing that made me upset is that she was the one who said that Josh doesn't have a job and that she find it's un attractive when she has no room to talk seeing as it she does not have a job either. Briana seems the only one to have a good head on her shoulders. She teaches teen moms that she doesn't need a man to help raise her child because her mom did it herself. Most people (especially teens) need to be more independent on their own without the father of the baby and just do what's right for their own. 

Jennifer Twers

I find it funny how everyone is so quick to judge, being as we obviously we don't see it all. Who are we to judge? Let's just enjoy the ride and see what happens. People can change so long as they don't have people (i.e, fans friends, family, etc.) saying nasty things to bring them down. Hows about we put you on TV and we start judining your every slightly edited move. :-) 

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