Kristen Stewart & Miley Cyrus '50 Shades of Grey' Audition on 'SNL' Makes Us Rethink the Film's Casting

Kristen Stewart 50 shades of grey SNL

Everyone pretty much agrees that SNL was a big bomb last night, but if you had to pick a skit that was mildly amusing it would be the "50 Shades of Grey Audition Tape." If only because SNL cast member Noel Wells absolutely NAILED Kristen Stewart as she auditioned for the part of Ana opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman

The skit poked fun at the erotic parody by pairing the worst possible Christian and Ana pairs they could find for the role and making them read parts of the script. Miley played Scarlett Johansson along with Taran Killam as 57-year-old German actor Christoph Waltz because does anyone even know who that guy is?

In case you were one of the many who turned the TV off after the opening skit, here's what you missed!

Personal favorite was the Steve Harvey and Rebel Wilson paring, because OMG it's worth it just to hear him call Ana "Anesthesia":

"What is this, vag-I-inal sex? People still do that?" says Harvey. "Anesthesia and I are going straight for the butt."

Do you think this was the best SNL skit of the night? What was your favorite part?


Image and video via XxCages/YouTube

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Christoph Waltz Is an extremely talented actor. Google him and you will find out about this two time Oscar winning nobody.

eclaudin eclaudin

oh shit that was funny!!! the best was the tall blond lady from Glee. I saw that one coming, which didn't make it any less hilarious.

First... FirstTimeMama21

Who doesn't know who Christoph Waltz is? If you don't, you're either living under a rock or have no taste in the film industry.

Lynda Lyons

Yeah, that who's-Christoph-Waltz comment kinda gave away this writer's ignorance, didn't it?

Coles... Coles_mom

Christoph Waltz is my all time favorite actor. He's won two oscars in the past few years. You must be living under a rock.

lobus lobus

Wow. Christoph waltz was the funniest part. He nailed him. How do you not know who he is???

Jenny Pearson Dulude

I thought is was really stupid, not funny at all. A waste of time even watching it.

Caryn Burton

Christoph Waltz is a two-time Oscar winner and an absolute giant in the film industry. If nothing else, by claiming to be a fan of Rob's, you should recognize him as Rob's costar from Water for Elephants as he played the role of August.  Way to demonstrate complete ignorance on two fronts.

Jessica Brownlow

none of these videos ever work when I click them wtfs up with that?

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