'Gravity' Star Sandra Bullock Made Heartfelt Demand Before Accepting the Role

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gravityThere is a reason Sandra Bullock is America's Sweetheart and it's not just because she tends to be cast in roles that make us love her. She seems to be 700 kinds of awesome, and an amazing mother to top it all off. Her latest film, Gravity, which is getting glowing reviews from just about everybody, was a very challenging role but it was what was going on in Sandra's personal life that had the potential to end her chance of playing a medical engineer and first-time astronaut Ryan Stone who ends up adrift in space.

Before agreeing to the role Sandy made a huge request of her director Alfonso Cuaron.

She told him that her son, Louis, must be allowed on set with her.

It has to be a great time for my son. I can't miss him. If I miss him, I will be of no use to you.

I love her. And she's so right. There's this weird thing that happens when you become a parent. When you are with your kids a lot, you definitely need a break -- even just to grab a cup of coffee and stare at the clouds. But then when you do get that break and are away from them, you miss them. When the filming was taking place, Louis was just learning to walk and there was no way Sandra was going to miss that. She was filming in London, far from her home in Austin, Texas, and Louis was able to come along. That would have been a huge chunk of time to be away from her child, and I love that Cuaron had no issue with it. Then again, he did write the screenplay with his own son, Jonas.

Sandy added:

You know, he's just learning how to walk. So guess what's going to happen? 'I have to go! He's taking steps!' Everyone cooperated in that department. It was a family film. Everyone had kids. So everyone knew the value of that. So they said, 'If we make it amazing for him right where you are, will you be okay?' And I said, 'Yeah.' 

It's clear Sandra is a very involved, hands-on kind of mother. I love how she puts family first, and was willing to risk losing a role of a lifetime to staying home with her son. But as we know, seeing your child grow and learn and take their first steps or say their first words ... those are the moments -- moments that warm your heart -- that are truly priceless and what life is all about.

What do you think of Sandy's demands of being with her son while filming? Do you think more of Hollywood should do the same? More employers everywhere?


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Bubsy Bubsy

I love Sandra Bullock, great actress, great mother, great woman. This is MY 'celebrity role model'. 

bills... billsfan1104

I wonder if the other parents are as lucky?

Andre... Andreamom001

I love her.  She is an awesome person.  I took my baby to work with me for a while, too--at a laundromat.  I've seen moms do that at college offices, too.  I would not leave my kids to make a movie, either.  LOVED that she kept the adoption so quiet at first.

Katha... Katharine205

I get that - I brought my daughter to work with me since she was just a few weeks old.  She's in Kindergarten now so I'm trying to figure out what to do with all this 'down' time at work :)  I'm very blessed though, I work for my father so there was no issue of her coming with me.  We're a very family friendly company though too, kids are always welcome in this office.

Penel... PenelopesMom

I'd love to demand that of my boss. I'm pretty sure that would be a huge laugh. "Boss, I was thinking, I need the girls to be here while I work, and I need you to make it amazing for them".

All joking aside, it really does seem like Sandra is a good, responsible mother.

didavis didavis

I cannot be the only one that hated this movie. She played the role well, but, I didn't like it AT ALL!

bless... blessed5312

All 3 of my kids come with me at times.  It's part of the reason I took the job I have.  I work at a church so most of the things I need to do are family friendly for meetings that aren't I schedule them so daddy can watch them.


MomOwl MomOwl

it is awesome. I wish more larger companies would have on site daycare service. I did have to take my son to work with me one day (he was 4) and it was just fine. I was 'upstairs' mostly by myself so he didn't bother anyone except me of course. it was one of those rare day when his pre-school was closed and my back up sitter (mom) couldn't.

the4m... the4mutts

More work places could definitely stand to be more family friendly. I just lost a job that I only had for 4 months, because of missing 2 days in that 4 months. I called off WELL in advance so the boss had time to fill my spot, and she fired me over the phone. "You said child care wouldnt be a problem when I hired you"

I told her it wasnt a problem, but when a medical necessity with one of my kids comes up, Im going to put them first. Her reply was "well, then Im going to list you as unreliable and let you go. Dont use us for a reference".

I told her to do what she had to do, but when something serious happens with my kids, they have to come first. This wasnt like they needed a checkup or something. It was important, but she didnt care.

Im glad Sandra is in a place where she can have the necessary time with her son

nonmember avatar Kristi

When I had my last child my boss allowed me to bring her in when I came back to work one week later. She stayed with me for 5 weeks. He really did it for himself (so he didnt lose business from my accounts) but I reaped the benefits too.So it was okay. Just lucky I didn't have any complications from my c-section.

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