Alexander Skarsgard & Taylor Swift Are Getting Way Too Close for Comfort

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alexander skarsgardRemember back when we told you about how Alexander Skarsgard and Meryl Streep would be co-starring in The Giver, a film version of the YA lit classic? And how, hey, wouldn't it be crazy if those two -- Skarsgard and Streep -- ended up being, like, a couple? Like, CRAY-ZAY!! Cause they'd obviously be way, way over the line into sunrise/sunset territory, but on the other hand, Skarsgard does have a thing for dating co-stars, so who knows, right? Well, WRONG. I completely take back everything I ever said supporting that theory, because now yet another female co-star has signed on for The Giver, and that female co-star is none other than Taylor Swift. OH MY HOLY GOD MAKE IT STOP. 

Yes, Skarsgard fans, I'm incredibly sorry to report that Skarsgard and Swift (oh, and did I mention Katie Holmes?) will be spending lots of time together filming The Giver in South Africa, and just seeing the names "Alexander Skarsgard" and "Taylor Swift" in such close proximity is enough to send me into a panic. Why? Well, for a few reasons:

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1. Taylor Swift is boy-crazy (and no, I don't mean that in a slut-shame-y way, but it does seem to be true and hello?! Who wouldn't go crazy for ASkars??).

2. Alexander Skarsgard has a history of hooking up with younger women and Taylor Swift, at 23, is 14 years his junior! 

3. Taylor Swift annoys the living hell out of me.

So maybe that last reason isn't exactly a valid argument against a potential pairing, but it does happen to be true, and isn't honesty the best policy? What, am I supposed to lie to you people?? I've said it before (about Ellen Page) and I'll say it again (about Taylor Swift): I JUST DON'T LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT.

And there you have it. Please, please, ASkars, if you're reading this: Don't do it. Don't date Taylor Swift. Seriously, I'd rather see you with Katie Holmes. Do it for Suri, Alexander!! She needs a father figure!!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard should date Taylor Swift?


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nonmember avatar katherine

just an old woman who had very uneventful teenage years.

nonmember avatar anon

Taylor is filming for a day....... like chill the fuck out hypocrites.

Hakan Can

Maybe you should think for a sec and figure out that you're just jealous of Taylor ? Because, it compleyeley seems so

nonmember avatar dude

WTF??????????????????????? Is this an attempt at sarcasm? Or an attempt at humor? Or just proof your a jealous hater? I sure cant figure out why an adult would waste time writing this? Or why I just wasted my time comenting? Guess im killing time waiting for my laundry to dry?

nonmember avatar MaryAnn

Well when you run out of substantial things to write about, this is the result. This story obviously took some creative brainstorming... Maybe try writing something negative about someone who deserves it. It's a minor role, great for Taylor, and she will be amazing.

Shirley Gehrels Alford

Well, Taylor hasn't dated anyone in a while, so she may need new material for her songs. All men and boys should know by now Taylor reputation with males and run away from her. We don't need another whinny song from her.

Dan Epright

What does "Annoy" mean in this context? It is very self-referential and says more about the author than the subject. God Bless Taylor Alison Swift, Princess of Nashville.

nonmember avatar Courtney

Wow. I cannot believe you are so ignorant to believe Taylor is "boy-crazy". Just because you don't like an artist's music or the personality or whatever, does NOT make it okay to put her down. In the past 2 years, Taylor has dated 2 people. Wow, sounds like she is sooo obsessed with boys.

Yes, 80% of her songs are about boys. So? That does NOT AT ALL make her boy crazy. Look at ANY other artist today and AT LEAST 80% of their songs are about love or the opposite sex.

I understand if you don't like Taylor and you would prefer if her and Alexander Skarsgard don't date, but you can't judge her based on the little you know about her.

I don't want to feel like I am personally attacking you because I'm not. This goes for anyone who judges Taylor.

Please take a moment to think about if you were famous and how reading an article like this about yourself would make you feel.

nonmember avatar Kevin

Taylor is a remarkable young woman and sad to see that this is what people have to say about her. I'm excited to see she's expanding her horizons and only wish the best for her.

flood... flood1971

No more expanding please. Everybody get a sense of humor!

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