Why Won't Everyone Let Madonna's Rape Go Away?

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madonna harper's bazaarMadonna talks about lots of things in her essay for Harper's Bazaar that everyone is buzzing about. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, the early days of her career, the PR nightmare of trying to adopt her son from Africa.  But the one thing everyone seems to be focusing on today is her RAPE.

Madonna was raped at knife point on a roof shortly after coming to New York City. She was around 20. More than three decades ago.

"I was raped on the roof of a building," is how she put it.

And that's exactly how almost every website is putting it too, verbatim in their headlines:

Madonna Was Raped At Knifepoint Soon After Moving to New York

Madonna Reveals She Was Raped at Knifepoint While Young in NYC

Madonna’s Scandalous statement: 'I was raped on the roof of a building'

Since when is a rape "scandalous"?!! In fairness, the last one comes form a Russian site so let's just hope something got lost in translation there. But at least they got the all-important "rape on the roof" detail in there. Sheesh.

It's horrifying to hear Madonna talk about this now, and it was just as horrifying when she first alluded to her assault years ago. It's not a secret, or a revelation or even a "shocking confession." While this may be the first time she's really opened up about what happened, it comes across more like a passing reference to a larger point -- how hard it was and how unwelcome she felt when she first moved to the big city from Michigan. She does not dwell on it. She also talks about her apartment being burglarized (but that's not in the headlines).

So WHY is everyone singling out this event now?

Because the world continues to be way too fascinated with rape and the culture that surrounds it. And it sells.

Read a snippet of the Harper's Bazaar interview and decide for yourself.

Is this news to you? Do you think everyone is missing the point?


Image via Harper's Bazaar



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fave82 fave82

I never knew that happened to her.. And if i were a journalist writing a story on it i suppose the headline would probably be similar to those mentioned... Because those are the facts.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I never knew that happened to her. I am that 80's kid who grew up with her music too, so maybe it is somewhat "new" news. Also, why shouldn't they be focusing on it? It is a BIG DAMN DEAL that women are raped. Why wouldn't that be something that was talked about, making headlines. The day that a woman being raped is a byline in a story about Men's rights and the seductive women who turn them I'll be outraged, but damn skippy that should be making headlines on stories about Madonna. 

Choco... Chocodoxies

I'm actually disgusted with this whole "article". Why won't they let her rape "go away"? Because IT SHOULDN'T BE SHOVED UNDER A CARPET! It should have been all over the news when she mentioned it years ago, but thank God the nation is catching on. Women are not objects and you don't have the right to use use like we are, so it took 30 years, but the story is finally getting some notice. She has to deal with it every day! You can stand to hear about it.

Are you actually saying that it shouldn't be mentioned because that proves that there is some "fascination" with "rape and the culture that surrounds it"? Are you that naive? Rape is not a culture, it is a reality. There isn't one culture that surrounds it, there is a whole GLOBE that surrounds the woman who is forced to the ground, legs splayed apart and knife to her neck while a man penetrates her body and steals her right to ever feel safe again. It is mentioned because it is horrifying and scary and it happens all to often. it isn't taken seriously in this country either! Just this past year we had men in politics making ridiculous statements about the inability of pregnancy to occur for "legitimate rape". Now here you are blogging about how we should all be far more interested  in the fashion, or music of a woman than the reality that someone assaulted, held a knife to her, ripped her apart by raping her as if she were a thing to be consumed? What the hell is wrong with you? 

nonmember avatar Le

Ok, then why are you writing an article about it? You are just as bad. Practice what you preach.

Choco... Chocodoxies

Are you aware that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month? 

No... of course you're not. That would mean you care about domestic violence victims and their ability to heal and be heard. 

Bubsy Bubsy

Chocodoxies said everything I was thinking! Yes to everything she said!!!

nonmember avatar charly

it's not that rape isn't a problem, it's that Madonna doesn't want that to be what defines her. Yes, she was raped, and she knows she shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed, that's why she talks about it. But she doesn't want people to go, ohh, that's the one that was raped, she wants to be known for what she does and who she is

nonmember avatar charly

To be clear, I think it's great she's starting to open up about it. Rape is something that shouldn't exist, but does. And anything that helps a victim heal odds a good thing.

Knitt... KnittyTina

I'm proud of Madonna for speaking up about this and most importantly for not letting that crime take away her life and her self worth.  I know many people don't like her, but I've always respected her for being a strong individual who has made her own way in the world and has been successful. 

adopt... adoption2013

Rape is a big deal and shame on you for this article.   No one is blaming her and I think that it is an example that this can happen to any woman.  Did it ever occur to you that knowing that it happened to a confident woman like her might help other victims put their lives back together.  d

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