Chris Brown's Disturbing Virginity Confession Might Explain A Lot

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Chris Brown and RihannaChris Brown has a reputation for controversy, and this latest confession is only going to cement that. Brown admitted that he lost his virginity at 8 years old. While this would almost be enough to make you feel sorry for him, Chris actually brags about it. Because, you see, this wasn't molestation, sexual assault, or anything else -- in his mind. The girl was about 14 or 15 and Chris seems to think this was quite a coup. He tells The Guardian that his early sexual encounter, "kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it." Err, what?!

Chris says he worked up to his early sexual encounter by watching so much porn with his male cousins that he was "raring to go." He says:

By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I'm saying? Like, girls, we weren't afraid to talk to them; I wasn't afraid.

He then rationalizes: "It's different in the country."

Perhaps. But technically this was sexual abuse of a minor, which is defined as sex between a minor under 13 and one over 13, and at least three years between them. Perhaps it was "the country" and perhaps Chris was a willing partner -- perhaps even the seducer, the way HE tells it -- but he may have a different feeling when he's older. I know a few people who had sex very young, and they were consenting, but looking back, they realized they didn't quite know what had happened, and felt the older partner took advantage of them, and had a clearer version of events now.

Also, if you believe in the psychiatric term "repetition compulsion," this early sexual act could have traumatized Chris, which is why he continues to act out sexually now, like having to be with so many different women all of the time. Why he feels he has to be "the best" in bed. He's essentially "gaining control" of his sexuality -- to make up for the loss of control he had when he was a child. It could even go a long way towards explaining his temper towards women -- such as Rihanna, whom he battered.

BUT. I suspect Chris Brown would tell me I'm an uptight prudish party pooper who is trying to make sex into an evil act or something like that ...

Whatever. But a part of me feels like I "get" Chris Brown a bit more now.

Do you think this was sexual assault?


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adamat34 adamat34

Sadly, the culture he was raised in attributes to the validity of this story.

Psychologically, his "bragging" could be an attempt to reach out and raise awareness of this issue.

He obviously has deep seated internal turmoil.

Lets hope he can heal.

nonmember avatar cristiana

He needs to grow up ... no real man out there would brag about masturbating together with his cousins (which sounds pretty gay) and having sex at the age of 8 .. his erection wasn't even probably real. Sounds like Chris had been molested from an early age, no normal 8 yr old would feel arousal like that even from porn. P.s. where the hell was his so called mother? Enough said

Blenderx Blenderx

Noticed you passed over the primary instigation for this event-  PORNOGRAPHY.   Where the f were this guy's parents?? 

nonmember avatar Moni

No matter if he thinks he was consenting this is molestation! It's sad and explains a lot of his actions. He needs to seek counseling but judging from his past actions he will not get any. It's sad and a waste of pure talent. And I love his music.

nonmember avatar Taybeeza

I mean it's sad but if y'all think about it a lot of kids now and days are having sex way younger than Chris was it kinda explains why he's like that towards women but I mean he was young and tha seducer probably was just ready like he was I think him watching porn wit his cousins was crazy but hey people will be people regardless #teamchris

wendy... wendywendy

How old were his cousins?  If they were older, they would be guilty too, of watching porn with him.

This all doesn't excuse his behavior though.  It may help explain it, but he's responsible for his own actions.

My cousin is married 20+ years to a man that was horrifically abused as a child and teen.  He is a difficult person to get along with; his childhood explains that.  He does not abuse his family.  Nothing explains that.  

nonmember avatar cristiana

Taybeeza (hopefully that's a street name)... where in the hell do you live where children younger than 8 are having sexual intercourse? I'm sorry but my little babies would never have the opportunity to engage in sexual activity because a. I watch them and b. they haven't been molested or watched pornography ..thus they would have no idea.

nonmember avatar cristiana

Children masturbating together sounds like a recipe for disaster. They probably had Chris go around and perform oral sex on all of them. That's probably why he acts like a b!tch ..

nonmember avatar Jane

I really am sick of all the negative chatter in regards to an event that no one witnessed & while it was unfortunate she forgave him & got back with him...time to stop the dumb non professional psychoanalysis & mind your business & talk about something positive & up building instead of judging people you don't know

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