The Latest Celebrity 'Down There' Spa Treatment Is WAY Too Intimate for Comfort

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The great thing about your vagina is that its yours and you can do whatever you damn well please with it. The unfortunate thing about your vagina -- if you're a celeb like Kim Kardashian's pal Brittny Gastineau who chooses to chat openly about it to reporters -- is that you force the rest of us think about your vagina and then we can't help but judge what you're  doing to it. So let's talk about Brittny's vagina. She's just one of several celebrities, including Tia and Tamera Mowry, who are looking for a "fresh start" for their vaginas by getting V-steams -- which are intense intimate cleanses where you sit naked on an open-seated chair under a humidifier that blasts herb-infused steam into your lady parts for thirty to forty minutes. Oh, and you pay about $50 to $75 for the privilege.

Care to hear more? 

According to 29-year-old Brittny, the ancient treatment is perfect for "cleaning out anything," particularly if you have an ex-boyfriend you want to exorcise from your private parts or if you're trying to get pregnant. Some of the herbs used in the treatment include mugwort and anti-viral wormwood. In Korea they call V-steams chai-yok and women most often do them after their monthly periods and in Sudan the treatment is usually done in the days leading up to a woman's wedding. 

Great news if you're hanging in there and actually interested in seeing a V-steam for yourself: Brittny was overheard telling Liam Helmsworth's new girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez that she just filmed herself at the spa for her new reality show produced by pal Kim K. Joy of joys! Now if she would film herself getting a pap smear, all our reality TV dreams will finally come true!

Look guys, I'm the furthest thing from a doctor, but does anyone else seem to remember their gyno telling them that, among the vagina's many amazing qualities, it does a pretty solid job of cleaning itself out without much outside assistance? And while I can buy the fact that V-steams might relax you, which may make you think less about fertility and getting pregnant, do women really believe steam can help them conceive? 

Would you get a V-steam? 


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nonmember avatar Clean

Sounds like a wonderful treatment to me. I'd defiantly pay!

Tempeted Tempeted

I would absolutely try it. :)

adopt... adoption2013

I'm sorry I just can't stop laughing.  I have a mental image of squatting over my facial sauna.   (I never said I was mature ) 

erica-3 erica-3

I just heard of this other new, crazy beauty treatment to keep everything clean. It's called taking a shower or something like that.

nonmember avatar Dani

@erica-3 I wash my face but I still get facials at a spa, showers are wonderful and keep you sqeaky clean but i still love body wraps and treatments to stay glowing, it's always nice to go the extra mile with your skin.

erica-3 erica-3

Yeah, it is, but steaming your vagina is crazy. Lol

Jilectan Jilectan

Sounds pretty dumb, to me. A pointless waste of money.

Punch... Punchyobuns

Sounds like a good way to get a yeast infection to me.

nonmember avatar Creedance

Well, for you ladies who would love to go that extra mile for way cheaper and at home LISTEN UP!! Before bed : Pour full-strength hydrogen peroxide over your vulva. Mix equal parts of water and peroxide (e.i. 1/4 cup of each) and douche in the shower. I buy disposable douches from the dollar store rinse them out clean and use those. Follow with a plain yogurt treatment .. you can either use your fingers to directly insert plain yogurt or you can apply plain yogurt on a tampon and insert that for about 20 minutes. You will feel like a whole new woman with a whole new vagina when you wake up in the morning!! YOU'RE WELCOME ;)

sandl... sandlinmix6

Applying yogurt inside your vagina helps to not get yeast infections. 

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