Nina Dobrev's Sexy Picture Shows Ian Somerhalder Just What He's Missing (PHOTO)


Nina DobrevHey, did you hear about Obamacare? It's that thing that Democrats love and Republicans hate and why we can't get into Yosemite Park right now. Something like that. Anyway, a bunch of celebrities have gotten together to show their support for the Affordable Healthcare Act -- including the Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, who showed her healthcare moxie in the way all the political movers and shakers do. She stripped naked.

Yes, 24-year-old Nina got into the healthcare debate by displaying how healthy she is. I mean, with boobs like that, you've got to be healthy, right? But hey, you never know when you're gonna get sick, and for that you need healthcare insurance.

Nina accompanied the photo with the caption:

I'm Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go to

You have to wonder if this blatant display of skin (all in the name of healthcare reform, of course!) has something to do with one Mr. Ian Somerhalder, formerly known as the frontrunner for Christian Grey. Is Nina trying to show him what he's missing since their breakup?

Because there are lots of other ways one can show one's support for healthcare reform. Like, I dunno, keeping your clothes on? Speaking? That kind of thing?

But anyway, who is going to complain about a naked pic of Nina? Certainly not me. Even though I'm a straight female and all that.

I think Nina's naked campaign will mean at one thing -- someone whose name rythmes with Schmean Schomerhalder might just be signing up for some healthcare as we speak!

When you see Nina's naked body do you think, "I need to sign up to get healthcare right now?"


Image via NinaDobrev/WhoSay


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D.j. Lord

what a boob

rhond... rhonda111787

I think that's not a good pic of her

Debra Anduaga

It might make a few join a gym but I think healthcare is what others might might go for!

Mia CuIpa

From the looks of things, Im not really sure he's missing all that much really.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Sexy? Hahah must be a joke. She doesn't look good on that pic AT ALL :( And btw, Ian can have any woman he wants, he doesn't need a Girl like Nina. She's way too childish!

nonmember avatar mike

obviously she is beautiful, but isn't she from the north (Canada)where they have socialized medicine?

Liz Young

He is not missing enything.  She might be.

nonmember avatar Chantall

This pic might not look so good but remeber ian dated her for 3years so obviously he knows why he is making such a fuss about her pic he has obviously seen alot more than us

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