'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Alex Sekella's Trouble Started Before the Baby (VIDEO)

Teen Mom Alex SekellaWhen you look at someone like Matt McCann, ex-boyfriend of Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella, it's hard not to wonder: didn't someone think these two were going to be a problem? Before the baby? Before Alex was sent rushing out of her house, with a baby in tow, by news that her child's father had overdosed?

And now we know. In an exclusive clip of episode eight of Teen Mom 3, which will air tonight on MTV, we get to see what Alex's mom, Wendy, really thought of her daughter's boyfriend before he became the father of her granddaughter.

Take a look:


Poor Alex. I don't blame her for not wanting to go to the prom, and her mom seems a little cruel for not getting it. The prom is not the be all and end all of life; I know many people who skipped it and were just fine. 

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But it doesn't seem like the prom is really Wendy's issue so much as her daughter's entire childhood. She saw Matt was going to be an issue from the get-go, but she could do little about it; now she's trying to save whatever little bits of Alex's chance at normal childhood are left.

Sadly, there is only so much she can do and, frankly, only so much she could have done. Even the best of parents can only give their kids so much guidance down the right path; it's up to kids to make the ultimate choices ... and often (frustratingly) the mistakes.

Mistakes like dating a drug addicted loser. Mistakes like getting pregnant as a teenager and ending up spending senior year juggling two jobs, school, and a baby.

We can see the trouble our kids are up to, but that doesn't mean we can stop it from happening. 

What do you think of Wendy's assessment that Matt was a problem before Arabella? Do you think there's anything she should have done?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Melissa

She gets on my nerves. She is so over dramatic and whiny all the time! Her younger siblings are more mature than she is. He didn't ruin her whole life by getting her pregnant. She chose a guy that had issues and got pregnant by him. Pick yourself up and move on. She is demanding and over dramatic about everything. She has a beautiful baby and a supportive family. She also is able to finish school and work. I would never have dreamed of raising my voice to my mom like that. smh

nonmember avatar Vanessa

I can't stand this girl! He probably didn't have a drug problem until he met her lol she's the most annoying teen mom "star" ever!!

Tracy Johnson Plumley

she is a drama queen...and im sick of hearing her whine about how hard she works....all teen moms do....did she not get thememo ???


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