Turns Out Charlie Hunnam DID Almost Walk Away From Playing Christian Grey

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charlie hunnamAlthough the persistent rumor that Charlie Hunnam is quitting Fifty Shades of Grey has been disproven a gazillion times over the past week, now comes news that there was a point at which he was seriously considering walking away from the film. Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter revealed to Vulture that he and Charlie had serious discussions about Charlie going ahead and accepting the role of Christian Grey.

"We had a couple long creative conversations about what the role was, what it meant. He struggled with it because obviously there's a lot of noise around that role," Sutter admits. "Noise"? What "noise"? As in, all the fierce fan desires, dreams, and petitions?! Ha!

Sutter went on to explain:

There's a lot of predetermined expectations. At the end of the day, and my advice to him was, "Look at the material. Don't look at the history. Don't look at where it potentially could be going. Look at the material and look at the people you're working with. If it makes sense, then move forward." I think that's what he did.

Nice. That's some seriously sound advice! Sounds like Sutter was actually quite open-minded about the movie's potential ... and wanted to relay that to Charlie. Thankfully, Charlie took his SOA boss's advice.

Sutter notes:

It was a very thoughtful process, I think based on all the right decisions. It was not about notoriety. It was not about money. So I think it's cool, man.

In other words, Charlie signed on to play Christian, because he felt like it would be artistically challenging and the right step for him as an actor, not a celebrity? Hot. And even more reason to love the actor ... and to look forward to the movie!

Do you think it sounds like Charlie's genuine interest in the material will make the movie even better? Are you glad he ignored the "noise"?


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Kristy Lamey Crow

So wrong for the part I will die saying that!!!

Ky Ann

TO the people that say he and Dakota are wrong: Hair color, makeup, clothes MAKE THE CHARACTER. He's hot, chiseled, blue eyes that pierce. Shave the beard and color that hair dark copper and you have Christian Grey. TAAA DAAAAA! You're welcome.

Haley Woolard

I am happy that C. H. will play the role of Christian G. I have been a fan since Green Street and that's not going to change. I wanted to watch the movie since I heard it would be made and think he is a great choice... he definitely has sexy written all over him and I love that he will be in this movie!!

Robyn Lefever

i think charlie is a hell of an actor. i love him in sons and in queer as folk. i am sure he can play christain, just i dont think he is what i picture as christain. to me it is not a matter if you act and play the part but if the part is you. i am sorry i cant picture charlie with handcuffs and i just dont see him as christain. i still stand by ian somerhandler was the one for that part with his piercing blue eyes and that shit eating grin of his. stephen king is making his dark tower books into movies and i can so see charlie as eddie from those books if we darken his hair. he would be a awesome eddie.

Alison Ellis

I wish all the doubters would shut up and wait for the movie . The casting people have chosen with the help of E L James and as they are characters of her imagination surely she is the one who knows these characters best of all.

Barbara Campbell

you are not going to please everybody with who got these parts ... if you dont like them shut up and dont see the movie which i know you will anyway ... me personally love that charlie got the part he is a great actor ... all you haters have you seen his work .. he is awesome :)

Tammie Naughton

I think Charlie is perfect for the part.Can't believe people are still making negative comments about him.I love Ian Somerholder out of Vampire Diaries and Matt Boomer.And I look forward to whatever new movies they both bring out.But i personally did not think they suited the role for Christian Grey.Charlie Dunham is Awesome and for those haters and moaners who can't seem to deal with him being Christian Grey all i have to say is watch a couple of his movies then make your decision.

Jodi Kosko Mika

HE IS SO RIGHT FOR CG!! I wish all you doubters would just let it go. So tired of hearing all the whining already.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Charlie Hunnam will do just Great as Christian Grey. I to read the books and look forward to seeing how he handles this character! I LOVE Charlie in"Sons of Anarchy" and I went to see Pacific Rim specifically for him. He definitely has the Talent to Act in anything. I am looking forward to the movie!

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