Robert Pattinson Refuses to Repeat the Same Big Mistake He Made With Kristen Stewart

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robert pattinsonAnyone itching to see Robert Pattinson cozying up with rumored new love interest Dylan Penn may have to wait a long time to spy any juicy PDA. In fact, it could NEVER happen ... if Rob has his way. The actor has reportedly made up his mind that his new relationship with Dylan is going to be very different from the one he had with Kristen Stewart -- especially in that it'll be much more private, according to

He wouldn’t want to be photographed with Dylan because he has learned a lot from his dating life with Kristen to avoid these types of situations,” their source reveals. While that's definitely a bummer for the curious gawking masses, it is probably the best possible scenario for a real shot at romance.

I mean, can you imagine if you were in these celebs' shoes and constantly being stalked by paparazzi? Just how much of a toll could that potentially take on your ability to build intimacy?

Furthermore, making a conscious decision to steer clear of photogs with Dylan and avoid living out his relationship in front of the public eye proves Rob's learned a lot -- and has no intention of repeating past mistakes. Cheers to that! Think about it: How many times have all of us at some point or another found ourselves experiencing getting stuck in a toxic (or at least ill-advised) relationship pattern? Even when we think we're not going to end up with this kind of partner or in that sort of emotional trap, learning from previous missteps and actually moving in a different direction is easier said than done.

That said, plenty of celebs who've vowed to keep their relationships out of the spotlight have been successful. Just look at Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! Not everyone needs to be Kimye ... or what Robsten was. Still, he is Robert Pattinson, so for that reason, I hope Rob's actually able to make this new, "privacy first!" approach work. If so, his chance at making things last with Dylan will be so much greater.

What's a relationship pattern you found yourself repeating time and again? Do you think Rob will be able to keep his relationship with Dylan private?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

In the last 5 hours, 4 seperate Stir writers have written about Kristen and Robert. What is this? Why is The Stir so hooked on this breakup? Why are you so heartbroken? More so than the actual couple involved? I understand when it first happened every other article was about them, but after all this time? Really? Come on people.

nonmember avatar Betty b

I agree..keeping it private is the way to go.

nonmember avatar Kelly

I hope Kristen Stewart finds much happiness in her life. Rob is a dumba** for leaving her. Maybe Dylan, Riley or the others will leave him. He deserves nada!

nonmember avatar Kitty

Privacy wasn't the problem with KS, cheating was.

Seth Aicklen

To Kelly -- Did it occur to you that Rob & Kristen may have split up because their own relationship had become toxic? That IS the subject, after all. I have yet to see anything proving that either one is at all seriously involved with anyone else. It's hard to leave the guy when you aren't with him in the first place. Rob apparently prefers to hang out with women. So do I. Big Deal. He's is entitled to the same things we all are. Maybe you deserve nada, but neither Rob nor I does.

On point, my original toxic relationship was with my ex-wife. I kept going back to her as a GF after several break-ups over several years until we stepped up to toxic marriage, followed shortly thereafter by toxic divorce. Not to be deterred, I repeated the same pattern with someone else a few years later. Then I got sober. "Toxic" became "dysfunctional" ( it's a spiritual thing :-). Having had enough with the old "dysfunctional" relationships, I succeeded moving on to entirely different "dysfunctional" relationships, eventually letting go of all of it! I've been happily solo for many years. More important, I'm still sober, 30 yrs. on. I never got the hang of non-toxic relationships, though I tried. The funny thing about all of this is that people actually come to me for relationship advice, even after they know my story in more detail. Some are sicker than others.

nonmember avatar guest

This is ridiculous. How do you get more private than KS and RP???? It was only because the press hounded them that you saw them together. This article is to justify the fact no one can really back the Dylan story at all LOL. OR the Riley story, or the Mischa story, or the Michelle story. Also, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of KS being viewed as the toxic one. 21/22 girls don't just cheat if everything is great. Either way, glad it is done now all you need to move on!

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