Sneak Peek of 'Glee' Tribute Episode for Cory Monteith Will Leave You in Tears (VIDEO)

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Cory Monteith tributeWow. I just watched a sneak peek of Glee's tribute episode for Cory Monteith and ... I am speechless.

The short, 33-second video was still long enough to completely get me wrapped up in the episode -- as well as turn me into an emotional, sobbing mess.

It's bad enough the Glee family had to grieve the loss of Cory Monteith, but now they have to grieve all over again for Finn Hudson? It's just not fair. You can totally feel their pain in this clip, and it's unbelievably heart-wrenching.

Take a look below. But first, seriously ... get the tissues ready.

There are no words to describe how moving this clip is. The fact that Lea Michele sings Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" is just the icing on the cake. It's so beautiful. I'm in awe.

I can only imagine how hard this must've been for the cast and crew to film. Ryan Murphy weighed in on the difficulty of the episode:

I've never seen a crew where you can't continue shooting because they left the room sobbing.

We can only hope that this will give some sort of closure to the Glee family, friends, and fans.


What do you think of the sneak peek? Do you think it'll be too sad to watch?



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nonmember avatar aubrey

I was in tears with in the first 3 seconds of the preview.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

the preview alone made me cry, I will be a mess watching it next week

nonmember avatar Rhiannon

I cried like a baby! It's gonna be a sad episode!

SaphireH SaphireH

Im not ready to say goodbye to Finn when i haven't even fully said goodbye to Cory. This is gonna be hard to watch

Nichola Hayes

Oh My God! I feel so sad and want to cry. It is going to be a hard episode to watch, especially Kurt and Rachel :-(

casti... castinghub

There's going to be a lot of crying next week :(

Jennifer Chiodo

I was a blubbering mess!!! I barely made it through the 30 second clip, can't imagine how it is going to be for a full 60 minutes!! RIP Cory!!!

2ofth... 2ofthesame

My eyes teared up hearing Rachel sing "Yesterday" last week. I darn near cried last night. I will probably cry next week. But I'm looking forward to it. This is closure for the fans that can't attend a memorial. It will be nice to finally have this chapter closed and everyone can move on and let the man rest in peace.

Caera Caera

I'm tired of glorifying the life of a druggie. Move on, and maybe think a little more about the people who die being courageous as opposed to those being stupid.

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