Kristen Stewart's Latest Venture Might Mean She's Finally Over Robert Pattinson

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Kristen StewartDespite the countless reports out there about her crying into her beer every night over her split from Robert Pattinson, it actually appears as though Kristen Stewart has moved on with her life and isn't as down in the dumps as everyone assumes.

She's currently in Europe filming Sils Maria, and supposedly she has another project in the works that could take her career to new heights.

A source told Hollywood Life that KStew is writing her first screenplay and that co-star Juliette Binoche is the one who encouraged her to put her ideas down on paper.

Hmm. Kristen the script writer. That kind of has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

It's funny how she and Rob seem to be taking such opposite paths these days in an effort to embrace this new chapter of their lives. While he's romancing Dylan Penn and attending concerts, Kristen is getting all serious and trying to better herself by stepping into new and interesting territory.

And if she's really that motivated to try new things, she simply can't be all hung up on what (or who) Rob is doing back in L.A. She must be at a point where she's finally ready to let him go.

A girl who is trying to nurse a broken heart usually doesn't go getting involved in a brand new venture. Getting into writing might be exactly what Kristen needs to put her time with Rob behind her once and for all and enter a whole new phase of her life.

But I wonder what kind of script she's planning on penning? Something tells me it'll be pretty interesting -- especially if she draws inspiration from her own life experience.

Can you picture Kristen as a writer, and do you think she is over Rob?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

I feel as if the"Media" is more heartbroken over this break up than the actual couple involved.

nonmember avatar Nise59

Amen to that, they act as if Kristen and Robert are the only two people on the plant. Why are you all so bent on hurting Kristen she is still coming into herself ok they say she cheated on Robert but isn't their business you people can seriouly get a person hurt or killed. There are a lot of sicko out there think before you write. And Robert I'm just saying if what I read in the magazine lately about how your have treated Kristen are true as well as yourself then I have loss all respect for your as man and human being. Grow up Mister life is to short.

nonmember avatar em

Like I said Robert acts like a man whore. Who knows how many times he has had an affair but all they talk about is Kristen s affair so awful.

From what I understand he likes Dylan but is funny is that she and Kristen have a lot of things in common. I think she is better off with what she is doing.Keep it up Kristen!!!!! And one day he will reqret all the heartache he has caused u.

nonmember avatar suzy hall

A writer? Please! She is unable to express her thoughts in complete sentences.

nonmember avatar Mira

The irony of Kirsten Stewart fans calling Pattinson 'manwhore'(without any legit evidence) is just too stupid for me not to comment on lol

nonmember avatar LAKTU

Yeah, she''s so unable to express her thoughts in complete sentences. It's also so annoying how she giggles like a little school girl every 15 seconds and doesn't take any of what she does seriously.

Oh wait..

Wrong person.

nonmember avatar Sarah

She's been over him for a long time. Getting a new puppy that he can't take away from her was very telling. She had two dogs with Rob, but he took them. The new puppy was as good as a proclamation that she wasn't getting back together with him. As someone else said, I think the media is having a harder time letting go than they are.

Jean Todd

Suzy,keep your stupid opinions to your self and leave Kristen alone..people have hated on her long enough..get over it.

nonmember avatar Yolanda Guajard

i believe kristen stewart dont need robert because she dont need no man let him be with any women he wants he will never have her again let him be with all those ugly girls she going to be up there and he's just going to be the ass that was in twlight rock/roll and keep on rock. and do what you want not what other people tell you. ps some time you do need a man!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar perla

She can go hop off a ledge for all I care. She just irritates me big time. I have ZERO sympathy for once cheaters who are now experiencing hurt and people who actually championing cheaters like they're some kind of hero or something.

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