Robert Pattinson Likes Dylan Penn for a Reason Sure to Cause Kristen Stewart Heartbreak

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Robert PattinsonWell, it seems like it might be for real, folks. Robert Pattinson may have totally moved on from Kristen Stewart. I can't help but feel sorry for her, even though her fling with Rupert Saunders is probably what brought this whole breakup on ... though to be fair, these two are very young, and few people this young make it long term (at least in Hollywood). But Rob has reportedly gone from being down in the dumps about KStew to a new girlfriend, none other than Sean Penn's daughter, Dylan. But ouch! The supposed reason he's so into Dylan? Because she's just like Kristen! Ugh, dontcha hate when that happens?

Well, okay, she's not JUST like Rob's ex. She's blonde. She tall. And despite those Penn genes, she does occasionally smile. But word has it that similarities abound! A "friend" of Rob's yaps to HollywoodLife:

One of the reasons Rob likes Dylan so much is because of her quirky sense of humor. It’s funny because that’s what Rob liked so much about Kristen -- her sense of humor. Dylan is super sharp and is quick on her feet. She’s very confident and comfortable in her own skin, and this is definitely a turn-on for Rob. She’s far from being meek and clingy.

So Rob likes him a funny non-clingy firecracker!

But that's not all, folks. Apparently Dylan is KStew-ish in other ways. The "friend" goes on:

Rob also likes the fact that Dylan is so into music, all kinds of music. Like Kristen, Dylan certainly walks to the beat of her own drum.

Ohhh, remember how Rob and Kristen used to take in all kinds of concerts, and how they were spotted in a rare display of PDA at Coachella?

There's nothing quite like having your ex dump you for someone who is ... just like you! Only, you know, better. Harumph!

Hugs to KStew, who must be feeling kind of like crap right about now.

Do you think Rob likes Dylan because she is so much like KStew? Or does he just have a type?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

I feel as if the"Media" is more heartbroken over this break up than the actual couple involved.

hexxuss hexxuss

@cassie - I think you hit the nail on the head.

nonmember avatar brandi

shes gonna see said that and break it off. lmao he is so sallow!!!!!!!!! the man needs to learn how to insert foot in mouth!!!!!!!

Linda Hobbs

he likes her because she sounds just like kristen rob should get back with kristen

nonmember avatar DeJanet Anderso

He should be wIth someone he love n If thats dylan n not kstewart then thats It. hes OVER KSTEWART!!!!!!

Gwenda Wakely

He wont know what he wants until he grows up,and that is about 10 years away. He lives in a fantisy world and cant see one from the other. I'm afraid he is so busy trying to get people to give him movie parts ( ones that make him look like an actor,as he is far from that now,He had lots of good support including Kristen in Twilight and the story had a big part in its success not Robert, he was just a part of that) Any thing he has done since or before,including Little Ashes where he has sex with himself twice, have not shown him as an actor.All his roles are supporting roles, including the ones to come.He is getting frustrated because he is not as good as his EGO thought he was.He is in love with his new girlfriend because she thinks he is wonderful,But she is only 22 and lived at home all her life,most likely dosent know his moody side yet,

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