'Glee' Recap: Tina & Rachel's Worst Nightmares Turn Into Dreams Come True

tina let it be glee Glee's Beatles extravaganza continued on tonight's episode, "Tina in the Sky With Diamonds," with Mr. Schue lecturing the New Directions about the Beatles' latter, "experimental" years when they chose to break the pop mold and let it all hang out. 'Course, that theme carried through to the main plotlines -- but not without a sprinkling of nods to other pop culture phenomenons, both big and small ...


Specifically, when prom court candidates were announced, and it turned out senior Tina was up against sophomore Kitty, the Cheerios head Mean Girl Bree "literally" went on a rant reminiscent of that viral email written by a crazed sorority girl, telling Kitty that she needed to go for the crown herself instead of root for Tina. Surprise -- Kitty has a soul and continued to throw her support behind Tina. But that didn't stop the angry Cheerio ... When Tina ended up crowned, it went down Carrie-style, with Bree setting up a nasty stunt involving a bucket of wet, cold, red ... slushie. Ugh, poor Tina! 

Obviously, the New Directions had her back and came together to pull her back together, cleaning her up and drying her off to the tune of "Hey Jude." She took off her damaged frou-frou designer frock and slipped into the sparkly hot pink number Kitty offered to lend her. And she walked back into that prom, blowing right past Bree to steal back her night. Looove it!

Too bad playing principal isn't keeping Sue busy enough to steer clear of torturing the New Directions. When Coach Roz brought Bree into her office for a post-prom punishment, Sue told her she wants her to actually do anything she can think of to terrorize the glee club -- so their angsty, emotional reactions will drive them to winning Nationals again. Geeze, can't wait to see how THAT plays out, huh?

Meanwhile, in NYC, Santana had a lot to be happy about, as she booked her first gig -- a yeast infection treatment commercial, haa! -- and is getting flirty with Demi Lovato's character, Dani, even enjoying a sweet serenade of "Here Comes the Sun" ... followed by an even sweeter kiss. But in the wake of Santana's success, Rachel was losing her mojo and even more convinced she wasn't going to get the lead in Funny Girl. She was about to just "let it be" for good ... until the casting director from the show came into the diner, asked for Rachel, ordered a cake from her, and requested that she write “Congratulations Rachel Berry!" on it. Yuuuup! Rachel's gonna be Fanny Brice!! Amazing! (For some reason, I totally saw that coming, though!)

The episode ended on such peaceful, hopeful note, it's really hard to imagine how they'll transition into next week's Farewell to Finn ... aka what's bound to be the most emotional, difficult episode of Glee to watch yet.

How do you feel about Tina winning Prom Queen? Santana and Dani getting together? Rachel winning Fanny?!


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