Kate Gosselin's Declaration of Love for Jon Is Pitiful

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Quick! Name an incredibly bitter, public divorce involving eight kids! Brownie points to you for guessing Jon and Kate Gosselin, and if you didn’t … well how’s life under that rock going for you?

It’s no secret that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality stars have been through a lot in the past few years, and sadly it seems to be mostly of their own making. Custody battles, a multi-million dollar lawsuit, bankruptcy claims … sheesh!

Kate even had to go camping with Sarah Palin to keep up her publicity. Have yah seen Kate? She’s not exactly the, um, camping type. To paraphrase Troop Beverly Hills, Kate’s idea of roughing it is probably eight kids and one hotel bathroom at Disneyworld.

Anyway, Kate appeared on Thursday’s episode of Bethenny and admitted that she feels sorry for Jon because he’s been reduced to waiting tables in Pennsylvania, and that must mean she still loves him.

She said:

"Somebody once told me that if you feel sadness and empathy and pity for someone, the root of that is love."

Aww, that’s so cute. She pities Jon. She’s the one that can’t stay out of the spotlight even though it likely was a major factor in the downfall of her marriage, but she pities him because he’s waiting tables trying make an honest day’s living.

It’s kind of like when my messy 5-year-old points to a spot of pancake batter on the counter and says, “You made a mess, Mommy, but I still love you.” It’s cute at that age. It’s passive aggressive when you’re Kate’s age.

Are you Team Jon, Team Kate, or Team I'm Over It?


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SARob... SARoberts143

Ummmm...isn't Kate a contributing columnist for this website?


Shandi80 Shandi80

Team Choose a Gosselin side was soooo 2010!

nonmember avatar M.

I'm getting tired of this super c*nty attitude towards Kate. They should rename this website "C*nts that stay home and may or may not have children to take care of, also I hate my husband and other women, and other moms are doing it wrong" Longer title, but way more appropriate.

Brain... BrainyMommy

Team Who Gives A Crap.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

It's called compassion. I realize that is a foreign concept for you...

nonmember avatar jasdf

Team Free Cara!

Desti... Destinatten

She didnt say she felt sorry for him because hes a waiter! She said it because of everything tht has happened to him since the divorce. One word karma. I dont care if she was a total witch to him she still didnt deserve the cheating and the money spending even my husband agrees that jon is an idiot and 8 kids would drive anyone nutso. Or should I say 9 bc he behaved like one. Yeah she has to stay in the limelight that how she makes her money she does have 8 did you catch that 8 kids to feed clothed and care for do you really think tht a 40 hour job is gonna cover it? I think not. As far as love for jon..if you love your children no matter what you will alwayshave a little love with him yoh wouldnt have them. So how come you didnt mention where she said that she wants them to continue have a relationship for him as well as love? How many parents out there put kids agaisnt eachother to punish eachother for the divorce? Think things thruw before giving a stupid opinion without really hearing what she saying..

Londo... London420

So if I feel "empathy" for a woman having a miscarriage because I had the same experience in my life, it means I used to love her ?  Kate needs to go back to school and give up the arm chair psychology.

Londo... London420

"She allows the children to have something to do with Jon." The woman is mad. She thinks she controls the world.  Well, everyone except Robert Hoffman.

Londo... London420

"Just a Mom doing what every mom does."  I don't hit my children to control them. Don't you dare compare yourself to real mothers. You are no mother. You are a control freak who can't get the attention of her own children without striking them in some fashion. Real mother my ass.

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