Kate Gosselin's Declaration of Love for Jon Is Pitiful

Quick! Name an incredibly bitter, public divorce involving eight kids! Brownie points to you for guessing Jon and Kate Gosselin, and if you didn’t … well how’s life under that rock going for you?

It’s no secret that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality stars have been through a lot in the past few years, and sadly it seems to be mostly of their own making. Custody battles, a multi-million dollar lawsuit, bankruptcy claims … sheesh!


Kate even had to go camping with Sarah Palin to keep up her publicity. Have yah seen Kate? She’s not exactly the, um, camping type. To paraphrase Troop Beverly Hills, Kate’s idea of roughing it is probably eight kids and one hotel bathroom at Disneyworld.

Anyway, Kate appeared on Thursday’s episode of Bethenny and admitted that she feels sorry for Jon because he’s been reduced to waiting tables in Pennsylvania, and that must mean she still loves him.

She said:

"Somebody once told me that if you feel sadness and empathy and pity for someone, the root of that is love."

Aww, that’s so cute. She pities Jon. She’s the one that can’t stay out of the spotlight even though it likely was a major factor in the downfall of her marriage, but she pities him because he’s waiting tables trying make an honest day’s living.

It’s kind of like when my messy 5-year-old points to a spot of pancake batter on the counter and says, “You made a mess, Mommy, but I still love you.” It’s cute at that age. It’s passive aggressive when you’re Kate’s age.

Are you Team Jon, Team Kate, or Team I'm Over It?


Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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