Leah Messer's New Hair Color Is SO Much Better (PHOTO)

leah messerRemember that time Leah Messer had multi-colored hair? Blond, brown, and purple? Of course you do! Well, best save that image to the hard drive that is your mind because Leah is back to blond. All blond. And it looks fantastical. Beat it, tri-colored pasta hair.


Now, I'm all for a few fun streaks on the ol' dome, but I've gotta be honest here. I wasn't a huge fan of Leah's crazy-highlighted tresses. There was just too much going on. And she looks good with bright blond hair, and that's not an easy look to pull off.

Also, worth noting, Leah's cut is killing it, too. I'm loving the choppy layers that give her hair a nice texture. Much better than the (sorry, Leah!) hairspray-crusted waves she had going on before. It looks much more natural, and it's a definite improvement.

Leah, you get an A-plus for this hairstyle. Whaddya say we keep this 'do for a while? And once you get bored with it, maybe try a chestnut brown or even a deep auburn. The multi-colored hair? Let's file that one under "Looks I Tried and Will Never Try Again." Cool, good talk.

What do you think of Leah's new 'do?


Image via Facebook

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