Desiree Hartsock Gives Wedding Planning Advice That Will Make Your Head Spin

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desiree hartsock instagramFormer Bachelorette and newly engaged lady Desiree Hartsock's heart is full of desire ... to help fellow brides-to-be start off on the right foot when it comes to planning for their Big Day! Definitely an admirable cause, especially because after the ring's sized and sittin' there on your finger, it's easy to find yourself wondering ... what comes next? Or feel completely overwhelmed with what comes next! Sort of like how we are all wondering what'll come next for Des and Chris ... But oh, sorry, that's not what Des is interested in discussing today, kiddos! Back on task!

Anyhoo, in an attempt to addressing that age-old question of "Engaged?!? Now what ..." (while completely avoiding discussion of her own next steps!), Desiree gives a rundown of to-dos ...

For starters, Des suggests, "Enjoy your engagement and don't let the planning put a damper on the joy you should feel with your new fiancé!" Aww! I couldn't agree more. But then she launches into a checklist that'll take you from setting the date to picking a venue to finding your dress to writing your guest list and picking the bridal party and doing the programs, which brings you right up to walking down the aisle. Eee!! SO glad I didn't read this when I was newly engaged. It would have made my head explode!

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that Des wants to give a play-by-play, and I'm sure a rundown like this is actually really helpful for some brides who want to know what general wedding planning to-dos look like in one fell swoop. But I also feel like it's overwhelming to see that whole laundry list right off the bat!

Maybe it's just me. I hated when the wedding sites I signed up for were constantly berating me for being however many days behind on booking this vendor or registering or I needed to start thinking about lining up the DJ or finalizing the menu in however many weeks. Even if I had done all of that already -- I just never digitally checked anything off the sites' lists! Agghh.

All I'm saying is that getting engaged shouldn't mean having to dive in and start checking chores off a list. Yeesh, it doesn't even have to mean planning right away! I wish couples were given more time and space to just enjoy the afterglow of being engaged before being pushed to plow into date-setting and venue-hunting. But from the minute the bling is on, it can feel like everyone (and every website and every TLC show!) wants you to get on your mark and start that race to the altar.

Ah well. Despite her seemingly-frenetic list, Des actually DOES seem to want to reassure brides that they can and should take their time to enjoy simply being engaged. And it's not like she can really advise them otherwise, cuz that's what she's doing after all!

Were you overwhelmed by the "what next" aspect that comes with getting engaged? How 'bout the wedding planning step-by-step list like Desiree's?

Image via Desiree Hartsock/Instagram

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Stell... StellarsMommy

My husband and I were engaged for 3, almost 4, years before we finally got married. Everybody always asked "so when's the big day?!" It was annoying. But not as annoying as those checklists on EVERY website. Those were so overwhelming and full of unnecessary things that I made my own checklist that turned out to be half a page long, if that. I'm so glad all of that is over and we are simply husband and wife.

Ruth Nuss

No, we eloped LOL :)

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