Khloe Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Shows How Much She Needs a Hug

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khloe kardashianOne thing is clear, Khloe Kardashian needs some serious TLC. The girl is in a lot of pain. Who wouldn't be in her position -- with husband Lamar Odom accused of cheating and being a crack addict. No amount of money or fame can soothe that kind of broken heart. But clearly Khloe is trying to heal in the only way she knows how.

The reality star is reaching out to fans via Twitter and Instagram to share her feelings, no doubt hoping for some words of support and comfort. It's like her own form of therapy. Just a few days ago, she uploaded a photo of a sign that reads: "I can't explain and I won't even try."

Now, she has sent out an even more revealing statement: "I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous."

Doesn't your heart just break for her? I imagine she once thought she had a love like that. Now reportedly contemplating divorce, her heart must be broken into a million pieces. I know a lot of cynics out there will say what did she expect after a quickie wedding (they tied the knot after dating just 30 days). But Khloe and Lamar have been married four years and for much of it seemed genuinely in love. 

Many people balk at how much of the Kardashians' lives are played out in front of the cameras. So much of what they do feels like a publicity stunt at times. But there is nothing manufactured about Khloe's misery. And she is trying to find peace in the same way she lives the rest of her life -- by sharing what is going on with her fans. It's admirable. Most of us rely on a small circle of close friends when we are going through some personal tragedy. They are our go-to girls when we want to cry, vent, bitch, or whine. This is Khloe's version of that. We really hope it helps.

Do you think Khloe is wrong to share how she's feeling? Should she keep this private?


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Cindy Hart Sullivan

Love you Khloe and Lamar, God has a plan for you 2 just stay strong and keep each other strong....u's got this....<3

LauraletlifeloveLive McQueen

Normally a girl have their mom to vent with....but in this case her mom is the one that started all this mess....I really feel sorry for Khloe because she really loves her husband and want her marriage to work....her and Lamar may need counseling they belong together...and need to learn they can't believe huggingeverything they hear and keep people out of their business and this means family and so called friends don't mean you NO good.....Be careful who you vent to or let in your world...people are out to destroy every bit of happiness you have....especially if they don't have a LIFE.....

Grisel Arias

this is good because we all love khloe and with her all the way love you doll my prayers go to you...

Linda Prevost

no its good to get it out rather than hold on to something that can hurt so badil she must be so overwhelmed by whats happening in her love life it devastating prayers are with you that you can find out in your deeper thoughts what you want to do me as a fan can't make that desison for you hoping you can overcome this

Sandra Saunders

Khloe needs to give vent to her feelings wherever and whenever she wishes like anyone else.  I prefer to get it out of my system before I self-destruct.  However, something worries me though or rather, concerns me in this Khloe/Lamar relationship.  There is a deep-seated problem or situation going on in that household that neither Lamar nor Khloe wish to honestly reveal.  They feed us with what we want to hear.  Right now, we are getting Khloe's side of the story, but  we do not get Lamar"s.  A couple whose relationship was such a close-knit one and exceptionally deep, cannot implode so quickly to the point that Lamar just took off on his drug binge and sex jaunts, while Khloe is in the house hoping that he will agree to getting help for his addiction.  I am convinced that there is something radically wrong.  Did Khloe do something wrong to warrant Lamar's behaviour or is Lamar a nasty ass human being who has absolutely no ambiton but to go off and smoke his sorry arse off each and every day, getting high and indulging in sexual activiities with multiple partners (alleged)? We all want to know.

Deanna Ealey

shes not wrong ,its how she feels if she wants to post its up to her ,,,ive been there i know how she feels its been 9 years for me and im still sick over it ,,it takes time ,,i love you be strong

nonmember avatar Latrice Amos

I think Khole should vent anyway she feels sometimes your family is not the one you want to talk to.A outside person looking in may be the best advice,My advice to Khole is stand your ground forget what everyone is saying,I think you and Lamar are a wonderful couple,you love,who you love no matter what.Life is about changes,and sometimes we have to go through them to see how strong of a person we are.Khole if you love Lamar like you do,and I see the love you have for him just by watching your show,just pray Lamar needs you more now than ever,dont listen to your family,listen to your heart,and you will know when enough,is enough.

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