'RHONJ' Star's Shocking Response to Cheating Rumors Changes Everything We Thought We Knew

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caroline manzoI am shocked right now. Actually, I'd like to amend that statement: I am stunned. Floored. Whipsawed by confusion (shout out to E. Jean). Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo has more or less admitted that she thinks her husband Albert has cheated on her. 

I know. I'm making an appointment with my therapist later, too.

In a sneak preview for part 1 of 347 of the RHONJ reunion, Andy Cohen asks Caroline what she meant with all her cagey Albert/marriage/relationship comments this season. "You raised some eyebrows with some interviews you have done this year, where you revealed he may have cheated on you," he says to Caroline. To which she responds with: "No. Clarify. I'm 52, he's 53. For me to think for a moment that he has been completely faithful, for 32 years, I think that's a foolish way to think." What?! Why is that foolish? I mean, Albert isn't in a rock band. He's not a famous actor who's away on shoots in Italy for months at a time. Sure, he has a demanding job that calls for them to be apart a lot. But is it really so crazy to think that it's crazy that he's been faithful all this time? And what about Caroline? Is Albert a fool to think she's been monogamous throughout their marriage? I'm so confused right now! I thought these two were rock solid.

My guess is Caroline's not telling us the whole story. You don't publicly make a statement like that unless there's more to it. I mean, think about it, if you were Albert, and you never once strayed during 32 years of marriage, wouldn't you be annoyed by this kind of comment? Hmmm ...

Do you think Albert cheated on Caroline?


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dusti... dustinsmom1

maybe the havean open relationship?

Susan Frye

Yes , and she does not want to admit it that he has.  He has a lot of free time....oh

Norma J Brill

    If he cheated on you he did you a big favor. To me he's a dry as a box of saltine crakers. I think she is to controlling maybe giving him a reason to cut out on the side  ( if he did ).

Sandy Abruzzini DeLaurentis

I doubt very highly they have an open marriage---but, I would definitely feel that he has cheated a few times being in the restaurant/bar business!!! Could be one night stands or even in a relationship for awhile with one women. Anyone that doesn't believe their husband cheated on them at least once or twice is either in denial or naïve!!! It goes back hundreds or even thousands of years--men will be men, no matter how could they are!!!

Bettylynn Deans Boos

I've alway's thought out of all the coupe's Caroline & Albert have been the most faithful. Hmmm raising eyebrows

nonmember avatar Angelaeilf

My husband has not cheated, ever in 25yrs we have been together. What a ridiculous statement. Rock solid my ass. She loves him he does not love her as much. He is an asshole abused or not.

Suzanne Benn

Oh yea....he has cheated !!! And she has always known. He thinks she coddles the boys to much and she lives for her kids and not him. yup, he's looked elsewhere. He's been feeling left out so he went looking and found it else where. Shoot, even the boys have some idea of the same thing. They are almost afraid of him.... he was the BIG DAD.... aloof and in the back ground. Mom ran that part of the show.

Amanda Stokes

Of course he has, didn't you see the last episode where they are at dinner and she says he'd remarry if she died first and he agrees but disputes that it would be a 22-year old ... the way my hubby of 18 years answers that question is that he will never remarry ... which is the right answer even if it's not true lol

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