Robert Pattinson’s Wild Night With 3 Women Makes Us Wonder

robert pattinsonAnd here we were getting all excited about Rob's new girlfriend, Dylan Penn. Maybe he's not finished playing the field yet -- as in, the whole field all together on the same night. Robert Pattinson took three women to an Arctic Monkeys concert recently. Not one, not two, but three ladies. Why? Because he's Robert Pattinson, and he can.

I could be rational and say they're probably just all pals, because that's the most obvious explanation. But what fun is that? It's so much more fun to imagine this as a manage à quatre. Those of you who are allergic to the combination of celebs and imagination may want to avert your eyes.


I'm just kidding -- I'm not going to pen some fan fic fantasy of Robert having a post-concert roll in the hay with three women. But if you want to pause here and play that out in your minds, that's fine. We'll wait.

Okay, here's what we know about these three ladies.

1. None of them were Dylan.

2. None of them were Kristen.

3. All of them were Caucasian.

4. Um, that's it.

Sorry. I was hoping to provide some more exciting details, but all we've got is a photo from Perez Hilton. How do we even know those women were all with Rob, anyway? He could have gone to the concert alone and just happened to follow these gals on their way in. Maybe he was just being friendly and chatting with them.

Actually, in the photo, it doesn't even look like he's talking with them.

Or -- it could be Rob's assistant (there's something about the blond with the red lipstick that says "I keep people organized") and her two girlfriends going out with him. And she's all, "Ugh, I was going to go see Arctic Monkeys with my friends and then my boss found out and wanted to tag along. Dylan is busy and he's lonely. God, can't I have a night out, like, EVER?" She's the only woman in LA who doesn't want to hang out with Rob. You know what? I think that's the most likely scenario here. I'm going with that.

Do you think these are just pals of Rob's?


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