'Miley: The Movement': 4 Moments That Showed She's Not as Bonkers as We Think

Miley  CyrusI was prepared to watch a complete crock of bull when I plopped down on my couch last night and tuned in to Miley: The Movement on MTV. I mean for the last, what, three months or so, we've been watching this former crimped-haired Disney star walk around in little-to-no clothing donning red lips with her tongue sticking out. What I gained last night, instead of the urge to vomit, was an interesting take on things from the no-longer-engaged Miley Cyrus. A perspective that makes so many of the absolutely ridiculous things she's been doing with foam fingers seem more ... not SO ridiculous.

A disclaimer: Unlike a majority of my friends and peers, I've never hated Miley Cyrus. I sure as hell didn't understand the reason for all of this nakedness, but it doesn't affect my day-to-day, so whatever, Cyrus, get after it. SO now I present you with 4 lessons from Miley: The Movement that made me actually like her.

I know, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm crazy too.


She's a perfectionist: The cameras follow Cyrus to the VMAs and the star wanted to arrive in a police car with one of those massive teddy bears that have been rollin' with her crew by her side. Well, the whole plan flops because of some miscommunication, and Miley flips her lid. Does she seem a little bratty? Yeah, yeah she does. But can you blame a girl for wanting perfection? I mean, heck, if I was a major megastar (oh GOD is this dream sequence going on in my head pathetic right now), I'd want my every move to be perfect, too. Regardless, Miley ends up getting out of her black SUV after throwing around a ton of F-bombs, and every one of her fans loves her just the same.

She's not TRYING to be sexy all the time: When talking about her ridiculous VMAs performance, she said, "If I really want to come out and do like a raunchy sex show, I wouldn't have been dressed as a damn bear." Touche, Cyrus. Touche.

She adores her mom: Miley gushed about her mom Trish in last night's documentary and that made me love her. Talking about her mom, who is also her manager, she said:

She keeps me, like, less anxious, because I do get so overwhelmed when I'm going to perform.

She also referred to Trish as her "homey." Oh, pet names.

There's a logical reason for this "major" change: I always understood that this current level of rebelling we're seeing from Cyrus is because she grew up totally in the spotlight as this sweet Hannah Montana and now she wants to shake herself of that image. In last night's documentary she said something that stuck with me ...

People get a connection, they feel like they know you. But they all get really entitled ... You can look at Lady Gaga at 8 and then at Lady Gaga and say, 'She's changed.' Well, yeah, she's changed.

Do I still think all these changes are extreme? Yes. But now I'm starting to think that people need to be a little less harsh on a young woman who's most definitely still trying to find herself.

OK, yeah, all of this niceness is starting to make me feel ill.

Did you watch Miley: The Movement? What did you think?


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