Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Verdict: Not Liable

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michael jackson starAfter 80 days of testimony and thirteen hours of deliberation over four days, a jury has finally reached a decision about the Michael Jackson wrongful death suit. They found concert promoter AIG Live not liable for Michael Jackson's death. Jackson's mother Katherine and his three children wanted AIG to pay up to $1.5 billion, their estimate of what Jackson would have earned had he stayed alive. What the case came down to was the competency of the doctor overseeing Jackson's health, Dr. Conrad Murray.

The jury agreed that Dr. Murray had been hired by AIG to oversee Jackson's health. That would imply that they were somewhat responsible... if they had known Dr. Murray to be incompetent. But why would AIG hire an incompetent doctor to oversee a pop star that stood to make them millions of dollars on a comeback tour?

That was AIG's defense. Their lawyers painted Jackson as a drug addict who deceived the people around him to get his fix. He was uncontrollable. The Jackson family's lawyers, on the other hand, painted AIG as ruthless and greedy, willing to run Jackson down just to squeeze whatever last profits they could from him. 

Who can blame Jackson's children for wanting to hold someone responsible for their father's tragic death. They made a terrible gamble, sacrificing their privacy and sitting through testimony that often trashed their father. Apparently AIG wasn't responsible for Jackson's death, but I can't say that the pop star was fully responsible for his death, either. I think in order to tease out all the threads leaving to Jackson's messy, untimely death, you would have to go much farther back than the events of 2009. You might have to go all the way back to his childhood, maybe beyond.

Do you agree with the jury's verdict in the Michael Jackson wrongful death suit?


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silve... silverdawn99

I think that the older members of the jackson family are just money grubbing asshats. They put these poor childrent threw the wringer and for what? more money. It was micheals fault that he wanted the drugs not the concert promoters.

Israel Shabbat

And another attempt by the Jacksons to make money off Michael that hit a brick wall. The Justice system has worked this time. There is a fine line between needy and greedy. This trial had no merit whatsoever.Katherine is trying desperately to make money off Michael's death. See the pics of Katherine and French crook Julian Rouas when they met for the illegal Jackson Tribute Fragrances... http://jacksontributefragrances.blogspot.com

D.j. Lord

..a jury said he made his own choices and paid for them...maybe there is hope for america yet

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