How Sean Penn's Daughter Won Robert Pattinson's Heart

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robert pattinsonWhile Kristen Stewart may not be over their breakup, Robert Pattinson certainly isn't pining away for her. He has clearly moved on. Friends reportedly say that Rob is happier than ever with Dylan Penn (daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright). The reason he fell head over heels?

Apparently she is NOTHING like KStew -- and it's not just because she smiles. According to a pal,

She's mature. With Rob she see’s the man, not the celebrity. He likes hanging out with people who don’t care that he's Rob Pattinson. He's giving it a go with her. They've been together a few months and they're very comfortable. He's so happy.

Makes sense that she's not swept up by his fame. Her dad is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history and her mother has earned plenty of accolades for acting too. So being Robert Pattinson probably isn't that big of a deal to her.

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That means Rob is more likely to find a sincere, legitimate love connection with Dylan. And, when he shows an inflated sense of self, she won't tolerate it. Why should she? His relationship with Kristen was probably nothing like that. Both were on a whirlwind since getting cast in the first Twilight film and their relationship was like an extension of who they were on screen. That must have felt surreal -- but not always in a good way. 

Do you think Dylan is a better match for Rob than Kristen?

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Carolyn Black

Sean penn needs to shoot Robert Pattinson for going out with his daughter

nonmember avatar guest

Way to go Rob!! She is beautiful....a much better partner for you. Be Happy & good luck. :)

Ileana Eva

If is true Kristen Stewart made him a man and now he is passing the leftovers to Dylan Penn. She smiles hooo with the money her Grumpy Dad has I am sure she had mayor work done.


Rae Simmons

yea he has got one now that if he dose her like he did kristen her dad will take him out

nonmember avatar billie husk

lol.. NO pictures of them together.....not true. Can not believe anything you read on the Stir.....

Barbara Arias

solo hay una imagen en un bar: ni estan besandose ni mucho menos!!! como se tejen historias!!!! creen  cualquier cosa q leen!!!

Barb Jarvi

he don't look happy. I think he's a better match with Kristen. he at least looked like he was in love and happy. maybe his just trying to boost his carear ?

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