David Beckham's Hot New Underwear Ad Is His Most Daring Yet (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

David BeckhamHere's a little something to put some pep in your week: Retired soccer star and hottie celeb dad David Beckham stripped to his undies (yet again) to put in a hard day's work on a London rooftop for H&M. Becks sure looks like he got a good workout -- the shoot involved some kind of crazy harness contraption and what appears to be a lot of running, leaping, and (obviously) generally looking smoldering.

Good thing he's such a hottie, though ...

Judging by what the crew members are wearing, it was a pretty cold day!

Watching the video, I have to wonder if it ever occurs to Beckham that he's standing around in his underwear, in public, while everyone else is fully clothed and random strangers take hundreds of photos of him. It's pretty weird, isn't it? It actually sounds like a classic stress dream!

Luckily for H&M (and us), Becks is probably used to being ogled. In fact, as an added bonus, here's a little slideshow of 5 other famous shots of David Beckham in his undies. You're welcome!

How would you feel if your husband were an underwear model?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Adrien

But he sounds like a girl when he talks so that takes away any sexiness

Rando... Randomlady

Adrien, I had to go find some videos where he actually talks because of you and I've got to say the only woman he could possibly sound like is Cher and that is because she has a deep masculine voice. Not sure what the women in your area sound like but I think they might be crossdressers. Unless you mean possibly his british accent? I can't even figure out how you think he sounds like a girl.

there... theresaphilly

Is he known for anything else other than his body? My hubby said he played soccer before.

Rando... Randomlady

theresaphilly he is a well known soccer player as well as the husband of sexy or scary spice...one of the spice girls anywho.

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