Mia Farrow's Daughter Has Shocking Words to Say About Woody Allen

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Mia FarrowWoody Allen and Mia Farrow had one of the most spectacular creative partnerships in Hollywood history -- and one of its most gruesome personal demises. The couple split after 12 years, one son, and several awesome movies together, when Mia found nude photos of her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi, that Allen had taken. That sparked an understandably contentious parting.

Now Mia has given an interview to Vanity Fair that is pretty mind-boggling. In it, she admits that her handsome blonde son, Ronan, might not be Allen's son after all, but Frank Sinatra's. Additionally, Mia's daughter Dylan, whom she adopted with Allen, opens up about how Allen allegedly molested her as a child. Her words are simply heartbreaking.

Dylan, who has changed her name (Wikipedia says she is now Malone), says she distinctly remembers Allen molesting her when she was 7 years old. She tells Vanity Fair:

There’s a lot I don’t remember, but what happened in the attic, I remember. I remember what I was wearing and what I wasn’t wearing.

Ugh, what she "wasn't wearing"? She goes on:

The things making me uncomfortable were making me think I was a bad kid, because I didn’t want to do what my elder told me to do. I was cracking. I had to say something. I was 7. I was doing it because I was scared. I wanted it to stop.

She also says she wishes she could tell the 7-year-old Dylan to "be brave" and to testify against Allen. Allen was never charged with anything.

Over the years, there has been a lot of hate directed at Mia for cutting Allen completely out of the children's lives. Ronan, for instance, does not even acknowledge his father at all. Of course, now we wonder if Allen really is his father! (Sinatra would help explain those sparkling blue eyes of Ronan's!) And if Mia was sleeping with Sinatra at the same time she was with Allen -- as she clearly implies in the interview -- then what does that say about their relationship anyway?!

There has been talk that Dylan was brainwashed by Mia to say horrible things about Allen.

But now we have it from Dylan's mouth. She sounds certain of what happened to her. I hope this stops the shade thrown at Mia, but I suspect that Allen will always have his legions of fans and defenders because he is a supremely talented moviemaker. This does not, however, necessarily make him a good father or human being.

How do you feel about what Dylan is saying?

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I think they're all crazy.


With ya on that one MRL84!

Brain... BrainyMommy

This entire family is so nutty it's difficult to sort out what is truth and what is fiction.

Josie Valderrama

People don't want to believe it, even though it's coming straight from the source - his then 7 year old daughter. I think his talent and status get in the way of being able to accept this. I mean, Michael Jackson was a supremely talented individual yet many believe he was not innocent of his charges. In Allen's case, I really think being an extremely successful older white male acts like this psychic barrier which prevents many from even entertaining that this could be true. Life is so much more complicated - and sometimes much darker - than we want to pretend that it is.

mamat... mamatreat

The man married his "daughter" for shits sake- to think he isn't a perv is crazy!!

Ryan Schwebel

This is a lie. Mia is clearly a liar and so is her idiot daughter.

nonmember avatar Kristin

Why do people want to believe that a talented director can't be a pervert child molester? Especially when he married his own daughter! It's shocking how people will believe whatever they want, regardless of the facts.

nonmember avatar Ned Partnock

So, we are now being led to believe, or at least suspect, that Mia Farrow was continuing her relationship with Frank Sinatra during the time she was in a relationship with Woody Allen--or at least long enough to conceive a child. And for all these years, at least when he was able to speak for himself (which in his case was from a rather precocious age) Ronan Farrow has been telling of his outrage at his father, cracking jokes on Father's Day and showing Allen’s supposed failings as a parent for the world to see. Are we to believe Ronan just got the news? And Nancy Sinatra too? It sounds more like all parties have known for quite some time--which means Woody Allen..the big bad mean director had known all along and, even as the storm of accusations swirled around him never found the need to point out the truth, never once pointed out as was his right, that Ronan wasn’t his son. As for the charges of molestation, I want desperately to believe Malone Farrow. But her statement of wishing her seven-year old could testify doesn't make much sense when that seven-year old actually was interviewed at least nine times and gave inconsistent answers and appeared to be coached. And just imagine having to grow up in a family with a fantastic secret: Your brother’s father is Frank Sinatra. How would that affect you? How would the knowing you were expected to project and maintain a lie impact your relationship with the truth?

nonmember avatar SSwamy

I am surprised at people defending Woody Allen's behaviour just because he is a famous guy. People can be very talented in certain aspects and absolutely disgusting in other aspects of their life.

nonmember avatar Intheknow

Let's see, we have the shutdown of our government with many people affected. More budget woes will follow in the government and we may have another recession that will make the one of 5 years ago look like nothing. There was just a mad woman on the loose at the Capitol. We have shooting after shooting in this country. The real estate market is still in a slump as is the job market. But Mia Farrow has chosen to once again whine about Woody Allen, and coyly suggest that her son Ronan might not be his, but instead that of the late Frank Sinatra. Apparently there is no end to Mia's bitterness about her breakup with Allen. I am not a huge Allen fan, mind you, but Farrow has been on the warpath for 20 years. Now, she is using her son Ronan to insinuate that his father is not Allen, but Old Blue Eyes. She has chosen to hurt not only her son, but the widow of Frank Sinatra. Farrow needs counseling. Big time. I always thought she was a little flaky but her self-obsession is over the top, as is her vindictiveness. Mia, just shut up. There are more important things in this country than who you went to bed with 25 years ago and who fathered your son, Ronan. This does not concern the general public. It just doesn't. It concerns only you, Ronan, and Allen. Just shut up, Mia because it's clear you're looking for publicity, and revenge. You need help.

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