NeNe Leakes Wedding Drama, 'RHOC' Firings & the Real Deal on Bethenny Frankel's Feud With Me (VIDEO)

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Good gracious. I feel as though I should call this episode of The Real Deal the "Leaks Edition" -- thanks to NeNe Leakes, Real Housewives of Orange County casting leaks, and Bethenny Frankel feud leaks.

Last night we saw episode three of I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, and it's saying something very big when I'm more afraid of the bridesmaids than the bride. And who is getting fired in Orange County? If you are a housewife, are there any signs you can look out for to know whether you're on the way out?

From fashion to therapy to bridesmaids throwing down, NeNe’s show is by far the most entertaining wedding spinoff I’ve seen on Bravo. Today I discuss why she’s different, the psychology of husband and wife power plays, and the children of reality stars.

Over in Orange County, the rumor mill is swirling about who is in and who is out for next season. Will it be Alexis Bellino? Gretchen Rossi? Will Lauri Peterson come back? As someone with direct experience, I weigh in on what may be happening right now.

Finally, did you see this gossip item published today? Radar Online somehow got hold of a few private conversations held last week between me, Bethenny Frankel, and Jill Zarin. I wonder how ...

Watch my exclusive video for my response to the Radar article, NeNe, and Orange County, and tell me in the comments who you think should come back!

Do you think the RHOC will really fire two of its most popular stars? 

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Cathy Ellis

Get rid of Gretchen she soooooooooooo annoying! Keep Alexis and do not bring back Lauri Peterson didn't like her originally, and don't want to see her again.

Pam-Rick Dryburgh

Did not see the piece about you and Bethenny fighting, but have often wondered if you ever got paid for the original "skinnygirl" mock ups you did for her.  You may not be able to answer that, was just more or less thinking out loud. 

Keep Gretchen and ditch Alexis on RHOC.

Reali... Realityaddict

No one cares if Bethenny is fighting with Jill or Alex....its so 5 years ago!   As far as Alex getting paid for her mock ups.....if Bethenny didn't use them she didn't buy them end of story...that's how that works.  You can't expect to get paid for work that someone doesn't like and clearly that is not the design on Bethenny's label so she gave Alex a shot and it didn't work out end of story.

Keep Gretchen get rid of Alexis


nonmember avatar Sandy Beech

Thanks for addressing the rumor, Alex. Enjoy your v-logs about what is really going on behind the scenes!

Karen McCartney

Alex, you always make so much sense! I love your Vlog!

Karen McCartney

I forgot to answer your questions!!!  NO way to Lauri again.  She is just mean spirited.   Cant handle Gretchen and Slade, so No to them.  Keep Alexis, she is funny and she was finally getting the hang of it this season.   


Disgr... Disgrazia4

Your best vlog YET!! Okay; Nene is fabulous. I am loving her show and her attitude. I agree that of all the Bravo wedding spinoffs Nene'is the most interesting by far. I loved the scene where Greg tried to NOT keep it real with his kids and Nene just straightened that out right away and let everyone know the correct version of events. Her friends are going zilla for sure but Nene will be running the show. BLOOP!!

The OC crew has never really captured my attention. Tamra threw her family under the bus but who is surprised by that. Gretchen is wretched. Alexis is meh.

But your news Alex is awesome and I will accept your version of events because you were there!! B is a bit ...frugal?? Too bad cause money CAN buy you ratings, LOL!! I would have tuned in for that show. As it stands now, I don't watch. Thnx Alex!!♥

nonmember avatar Kathy

Way to go Alex! I knew it was Betheny that leaked it you are the one who should have the show.

nonmember avatar Dawn Singer

Alex, as usual, you are succinct and go to the crux of what compels us to continue with these "dramas." Great look, by the way. Anyway, no to Lauri, she slithers about in a loathsome manner, Gretchen simply exhausts us all; so tiresome. She was most interesting when Lydia called Slade out. Alexis is far more compelling and more entertaining in the group dynamic. Who knows, we may see Heather out-do Lisa VP yet. Thanks for the scoop on B. Funny how you simply would like your due and it is written as a "feud." Oh Radar, where has your journalistic integrity... oh wait. ;)

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