Charlie Hunnam Sets Record Straight on '50 Shades' Quitting Rumors (PHOTO)

charlie hunnamNo matter how ludicrous they sound, rumors that Charlie Hunnam is quitting Fifty Shades of Grey over fan discontent are still flying! Some have even gone so far as to brainstorm wish lists of actors who could replace the actor if he walks. Puhleeez! It's not going to happen. And now, we have even more reason to believe Charlie is hunkering down to play Christian Grey ...

The actor was reportedly getting cozy with E.L. James only a couple of days ago!

The author tweeted, "Guess who ..." alongside a photo of Charlie's forearm tattoo that his character, Jax Teller, wears on Sons of Anarchy. Check it out ...

charlie hunnam tattoo forearm e.l. james

Whoa. Is anyone else jealous she was so up close and personal with the actor? (Okay, obviously not those of you still rooting for Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder to take his place ...) 

It's pretty damn clear that these two wouldn't be hanging out, talkin' tattoos, snapping Twitpics, etc., if Charlie wasn't definitively, solidly, permanently on-board with the film. In fact, it appears that quite the contrary is goin' on here. E.L. is falling even harder for her new leading man ... and I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the film producers were doing the same. After all, they splurged to outfit the actor with bodyguards already!

Clearly, Charlie's getting the superstar treatment and fawning-over he deserves. And he'll continue to enjoy it for the rest of this wild ride he undoubtedly plans to see through 'til the very end!

What do you guess Charlie and E.L. discussed at their hangout? Are you glad he seems like he's here to stay?


Images via FX & Twitter

fifty shades of grey


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nonmember avatar guest

Knew it was too good to be true.

Laure... Lauren0983

The backlash is mostly aimed at Dakota not Charlie as much. SHE needs to drop the role. The only reason Charlie's been singled out with these rumors because apparently it came from him hiring extra security. Neither are right for it in my eyes but charlie isnt nearly as bad. Dakota is nothing like Ana and never will be. She's the one who needs to quit.

nonmember avatar Julie

I just don't see him as c grey bur he may suprise us all i just think we all had high hopes of others playing c grey like matt ian and henry but at the end of it all i don't think these guys or any other actors wanted to be in this movie

nonmember avatar Jools

Go Charlie!

peach... peachpies

From what I've noticed over time, It's mostly people who are a fan of him first that are supporting him in this role. People who aren't passionate about the books and haven't been a fan until they knew he was cast. They only read them because they heard he was cast. The original FSoG fans have waited over a yr in anticipation and build up for this cast. We participated in fan casting stuff and went through loads of speculations and rumors. We're far more passionate about it and feel like we've been slapped in the face with this cast. I myself am a fan of Charlie's, have been a long time, but there's a reason why he never once was on my CG radar and obviously no one else's because he was never brought up over the past year 12+ mo for the role of Christian. They should recast both, but make Charlie Elliot. He fits that perfectly. Just saying.

amp1017 amp1017

HE IS AN ACTOR!!!! Like any others, he can play a role. People need to get the hell over it. So what, it's not the guy you wanted. He is far from ugly and I'm sorry for those who think he is wrong for the role, he is damn sexy and more than capable of ACTING the part. SOA is not the only thing he has ever acted in, give the guy a break and maybe check out some of the other stuff he has done. Jesus, who are you people to say who should and should not play a role? Are you making the movie or paying their salary? Then get the hell over it!


nonmember avatar Kary

He is a good actor that can convey the emotions the character requires, not everything is the physical appearance to many forget that CG is a man with many shades in his personality, going from cold to hot, from soft to extremely possessive if an actor can spice up in the right way is Charlie Hunnam, I am in the group that never saw Ian or Matt as a possible Grey. About Dakota might not look exactly as it was described in the story but there is a make up department that can change that, many of the actresses that people suggested were not willing to do what the character requires perhaps Dakota was the only one with guts to bring Anastasia to life as it should be

nonmember avatar Tiff

I think people need to calm down and get over it. Charlie is Christian Grey, move on... Yes I was upset at first, but I started watching SOA and I think he is going to be amazing. Its a book, no matter what everyone has their own picture in their heads on what they look like. BUT its not ALL about the looks... They have to be able to bring the character to life and have chemistry with eachother. And people are flipping out because who they wanted to get cast, didn't. Ummm did you ever think maybe they don't want to be in the movie.... You cant make an actor play a role just because YOU picture them in your heads as you read.... E.L James wrote the book give it a chance and get over it

Pauline Riskakis-Georgiadis

annot believe how much negative feedback Charlie and Dakota have garnered over this casting. Since when do fans become casting agents anyhow? Name one movie where the cast was chosen by the fans. This is just getting out of hand now. Charlie and Dakota are Christian and Anastasia regardless of what any of the Fifty Shades of Grey fans imagined or fantasized about while reading the books. I'm sure EL James, the director, the producer and the casting agents know what they are doing. It has been stated that there was instant chemistry between Charlie and Dakota. It has been stated that Charlie will go full nudity for the role, no body doubles...very important in casting decision as no other actor would agree to that. And he promises not to disappoint!!!! I for one am not disappointed. I am a fan of his and he is a talented and beautiful actor. He will take Christian Grey out of the books and our fantasies and bring him to life on the big screen. And Dakota will follow his lead. I'm sure she wont have a problem following his sexy lead! I for one can't wait til the movie premiere. My only disappointment was that the book wasn't made into a series on a network like Showtime or Cinemax where they could surpass the rated R version. Either way I will be watching! And to those people who are still petitioning, you really need to stop. It's gotten old. Charlie and Dakota are not going away!!!! 

mylil... mylilbabies

Go Charlie, Love him on SOA he will do great and so will Dakota ;)

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