'I Dream of NeNe' Recap: NeNe Leakes Admits She's Got Some Doubts

nene and gregg leakesNeNe Leakes and Franz Kafka's infamous character Gregor Samsa share some striking parallels. Samsa awakens to find himself fully transformed into an insect, who repels even his own family members. While NeNe awakens to discover that the people she's surrounded herself with while planning her wedding have turned into beetles of the symbolic variety. Her bridesmaids are scrambling and clamoring for more attention. They are desperate for more of the scripted drama and camera-time upon which they have learned to feed. 

Rather than begin to contemplate the existential horror of her dilemma, NeNe instead flies her bridesmaids to LA. They travel to escape the morass of self-loathing into which their situation has dumped them and yet, ultimately, their problems fly gamely along with them. NeNe is also legging it to escape the continuing drama with Gregg Leakes's family and the worst wedding planner maybe ever. Gregor Samsa didn't know how good he had it. 

NeNe and Gregg have ironed out the conflict with his children. Obviously there's no magic wand to heal the rift of years of familial strife. But it's progress, right? Still, the encounter left NeNe shaken. Does she really want to jump back into the fray with Gregg? Even if he is the man who makes the best love to her

The woman has doubts -- and they aren't assuaged when she and Gregg go to pay a visit to their wedding planner, Tiffany Cook. Was Tiffer doing a fake accent, or is she just, uh, terribly stilted and affected? I can ask that because I do/am all of those things, dahling. This blond dynamo acted like she was doing NeNe a favor rather than like she had been hired to provide a service. NeNe wanted to see that Tiffany understood her vision. So Tiffany drew a rectangle on the tablecloth and bragged about her client list. No, no, and no. This will not end well.

The bad vibes follow NeNe and her party of bridesmaids (or as she calls them, Bride Maids) to L.A. for a dress fitting and some fun. What's supposed to be an amazing dinner at Mr. Chow turns into -- literally and actually -- a screaming match over who is NeNe's best friend. It devolved, as the best fights do, into who was secretly gay for NeNe. I think we know the answer to this one -- we all are. These women are causing more havoc than Miss Tiffany Cook could if she tried!

Do you think NeNe should dump some of her trouble-causing bridesmaids?

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nonmember avatar Suzanne

I think Nene is an instigator. She told one bridesmaid what the other bridesmaid said while at dinner which created lots of drama. Was that for ratings or what??? Or does she just like to see people arguing about and for her to boost her ego??? I like her confidence that she appears to have.... But stop instigating crap. What does that do for you?

nonmember avatar cynthia

i think that Diane is starting to much trouble i would have done the same thing NeNe did confront Alexis and Diane at the same time,because it bother her too hear what Aleis said,So she did what anyone would have done its not for rating its a human reaction

Holly Burney

NeNe is the most fake,housewife of all. The whole divorce thing was planned!!! How else could she make sure she got more TV time. She and Gregg had it all worked out, they need the money.

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