Life After 'Breaking Bad': The 9 Stages of Grief (PHOTOS)

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Breaking BadBreaking Bad fans: did you know that post-finale depression is a real thing? Of course you do, because ever since Sunday night, you've likely been living under the same black cloud of despair as I have been, staring woefully at your television and wondering if it will ever display such a memorably heartbreaking show ever again.

There's even a Scientific American article on the psychology of why we love a show the author describes as "one of the most tragic, stressful, gut-wrenching television experiences I have ever endured." It made us feel terrible -- and we LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

As we struggle to move on in a Breaking-Bad-free world, let us take a moment to acknowledge our reactions to the fact that it's over -- and the steps of grief we'll be experiencing. (Finale spoilers ahead!)

It's over.

No really, it's over.

Well but wait, maybe it's not really over?


Okay no, for sure it's definitely over.

God damn it.

We just -- we have to try to put on a brave face.

It'll be okay. It will. It'll ... yeah.

You know what, I can't pretend. It's NOT okay. It's not.

Goodbye, Breaking Bad. We will never, ever forget you.

Will you miss Breaking Bad?


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Net1957 Net1957

Yes I will..until the Walking Dead starts in 11 days!

Kim Aaron Fanning

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this...I had really started worrying about myself. More than usual.

Kim Aaron Fanning

(See my avatar picture for confirmation of how far I take it)

Amy Walker

I am SO devastated over the ending of Breaking Bad...the buildup for a week of the marathon & the counting down (4 hours until the finale!! 1 hour until the finale!! FIVE MINUTES until the finale!!!!)....I swear to GOD, I got so worked up over it...that when it was over, I was LITERALLY exhausted. Just emotionally, physically drained. Will definitely take some time to recover....

Amy Walker

(lol to @kim....i have one of those i used as my cover look at my current one...i made it myself!! #loveaaronpaul #LOVEjessepinkman #teamjesse #breakingsad)

Amy Walker

"go" look at my current one, that is...

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