New 'Walking Dead' Promo Shows How Season 4 Will Devastate Viewers (VIDEO)

Walking DeadCalling all Walking Dead fans! If you absolutely cannot wait the 13 days (13 days!) for the premiere to get underway, AMC has released a new promo video for season 4. I'm not going to lie, it doesn't really show us anything we haven't seen before -- I mean, at this point we pretty much get the idea that the prison survivors will be in grave danger from a variety of zombie and non-zombie threats -- but it's still pretty exciting stuff, particularly since we're so close seeing what all is in store for Rick and the gang.

The 30-second promo does include a new glimpse at Larry Gilliard Jr. as new character Bob Stookey, and some expanded footage of a few of the tense scenes we've already gotten a peek at. Will zombies overtake the prison gates? Who's attacking the prison from the inside? What exactly happened to cell block D that has Glenn in such a tizzy? I have so many questions, starting with the most critical one of all: IS DARYL GOING TO SURVIVE THIS CARNAGE?


Not that I want to give show creator Robert Kirkman any reason to kill Daryl Dixon off just because it would upset the fans. I was just asking about Daryl's safety out of idle curiosity, Kirkman. What do I care if he lives or dies? Pssh, he could totally get overrun by walkers in the first episode and it wouldn't bother me one ... not one ... I'd be FINE.

*hyperventilates into paper bag*

Anyway, here's a look at the promo in all its shiny newness:

Boy, life for the survivors pretty much looks like a giant shit sandwich in season 4, doesn't it? They've got hordes of walkers threatening the fences, "Walkers in D!" as per Glenn's panicked shout, and someone or someones appear to be doing their level best to turn their prison safe haven into a deadly trap.

We have a general idea about some of the dangers to come, but it's not yet clear how some of the new characters will play into things. Among the new faces we're seeing, do you suppose at least one person will turn out to be very bad news? I'm thinking that seems like a safe bet, and I'm thinking there's a bit of a hint in Carol's quick line of dialogue:

If you want to live, you have to become strong.

Strong ... or diabolical.

How are you feeling about season 4, now that the premiere is so close? Still excited?

Image via AMC

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