Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Have Done Something No Other ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Were Able to (VIDEO)

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catelynn and tylerAt times, it can be hard to watch Teen Mom. Every grown woman knows how tough parenthood can be. That is magnified ten-fold when you are still a kid yourself when you become a mother. Though, despite her young age, Catelynn Lowell has always seemed like an old soul. Yes, perhaps she has made some regrettable choices, but her attitude helped earn her "Most Inspirational" teen at the Teenz Fav Awards (Canada's version of the Teen Choice Awards). But there is another important reason Catelynn has impressed legions of fans around the globe.

Her fiance Tyler Baltierra presented her with the award, referring to Catelynn as his "beautiful fiance." It was such a sweet moment.

 Take a look:

You can't help but feel happy for this young couple. Anyone who watched season 1 of the controversial MTV hit knows that their lives and relationship are incredibly complicated. Not only did they make the heart-wrenching decision to give up their child, they also battled difficult home lives. Tyler's dad had been in and out of jail in addition to battling drug and alcohol abuse. As if that wasn't bad enough, he also happens to be Catelynn's stepfather. Talk about a bizarre situation. Catelynn's mom has also had her share of issues, also dealing with a substance abuse problem before getting clean and sober.

I think it's pretty miraculous their love survived so much turmoil. They have been through more  than most couples who have been married a decade. Not that they haven't had some near break-ups. (They were recently featured on VH1's Couples Therapy) Still, it seems like they are in it for the long haul. We just hope the future is much smoother than their past.

Do you think Catelynn and Tyler will ever get married?

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Spooky80 Spooky80

they are so fake!! he calls her his "fiance" when he called off their wedding "indefinitely" on couples therapy and then all these articles come out about them secretly getting married on their hiking trip, what a publicity stunt LOL

Susan Marruffo

@ Spooky80 ^^^^ just bcuz he called off the wedding and dont know when they will get married doesnt mean that she's not his fiance...everyone couple has problems and its wether you choose to work it out is what keeps the relationship alive and growing...they are my fav from teen mom and glad that they are happy and working on having a happy and growing relationship before getting married...they know what theyre doing

Jennifer Edwards

i hope they dol. they gone thru soo much together. n stuck by each other. i hope they do

invis... invisibleme

Much better to call it off than do something that doesn't feel right. I respect them more for making decisions for them rather than because of pressure from others.

mija1980 mija1980

I do think they deserve it. I watched "couples therapy" and they are good people who made a very hard but smart decision and they have proven there selves. I wish them the best! 

Wish2Be Wish2Be

Yeah I am sure they will get married :)

Nanette Spaunburg

I sure hope so. Tyler is the most mature and level headed teen I have ever seen ad I am 65!!! I love him. those TWO AE GREAT TOGETHE.

nonmember avatar Krysta

It can be done....I was 15 when I got pregnant, my husband and I Kept our son, and now 15 years later we're still married and have 6 kids. If they are Truly wanting to be together, then yes they deserve it- if they aren't willing to work at it then they should just quit now.

Alisa Marie Whitworth-Simpson

haha what gets me is she got an award for being an "inspirational teen"..since when did  getting knocked up as a kid,out of wedlock,become an inspirational thing?  Seems to me keeping her legs closed would have been inspirational....

Rachel Abraham

@Alisa. I think being able to place your child in a good home and putting your own selfish needs aside is pretty inspirational. I think Catelynn is such a strong admirable person.

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